'RuPaul's Drag Race' Power Rankings, Episode 10: I've Had It... Officially

This writer has become unhinged, so prepare for major shade... and spoiler alerts.

Last night's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race left us with the same amount of queens it did the last time, 6, due to the non-elimination that saved both Kameron Michaels and Eureka. It's a move that left Aquaria mad and frustrated, which made me want to jump through the TV screen at this point and yell STFU because I've literally HAD IT with her attitude and I'm thrilled that Asia O'Hara took care of that for me before the segment was up. 

The mini-challenge this week was quite possibly one of the funniest they have ever done, in where the remaining six had to butch themselves the f**k up for a fragrance RuPaul is selling, appropriately called... Trade.

After that, it was a social media influencer extravaganza of sorts where the queens had to do a drag makeover of six popular online stars. This included Tyler Oakley (paired with Monet X Change), Kingsley (with Aquaria), Chester See (with Miz Cracker), Raymond Braun (with Asia O'Hara), Anthony Padilla (with Kameron Michaels) and someone by the name of Frankie Grande (paired with Eureka) who I've never really heard of before. They also had to make a homemade video of themselves dancing and lip syncing to Ru's song "Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent."

Here's where the spoiler alert comes in, y'all, so if you haven't watched the episode left, find another fabulous article on Instinct's page and come back for the shady shade shade after you've observed. Monet went home over Kameron... and I still struggle to figure out how the f**k the judges could not see the family resemblance between her and Tyler.

It was dead on, they both looked fabulous, had a blast on the runway and did a great job in the homemade video. The bottom two, IMHO, should have been Kameron and Aquaria. Kameron's look was basic, the episode set her up for bottom two from the get as she didn't really connect with her partner. Aquaria and Kingsley did not look good as a pair, the outfits didn't match and the overall execution was poor. How she has not lip synced yet is incredible to me, however I do think they are setting us up for a Cracker vs. Aquaria type of deal before the winner is revealed (now we have to wait two weeks for a new episode. Ergh.)

Ok, rant over. Now we have five queens left: 2 NYC'ers, 2 Tennessee locals and one from Texas. Who now has what it takes to truly win in the end?

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankings, Asia shot back to the top after almost being eliminated. Who will fall where this week?

1. Asia O'Hara (last week: #1). What a rebound Asia has had over the past two weeks. She was stellar in last night's episode with her partner Raymond (AKA America O'Hara), and the fact that she was able to put together a duplicate jacket in that amount of time that looked polished and stunning was incredible. I've had a feeling that Asia would win this for a while, and last night's episode ALMOST solidifies her not only making it to the top four but taking home the much-deserved crown. 

2. Eureka (last week: #2). She put her best foot forward with Frankie and his "personality" to get herself in the high group of the week. Eureka is making the finals, it's been obvious since the get given her edit that she's received and I think we would all be collectively gagged at this point if she didn't make it to the end. 

3. Miz Cracker (last week: #6). F***ing FINALLY! Cracker finally pulled out a much deserved win, and I'm so thrilled that it happened on this particular challenge. She turned Chester (how you doing, by the way) into Miz Cookie realness and the makeup, body and outfit were completely on point. Does this make her a finalist? Somewhat. I do worry if there is something up production's sleeve with her and Aquaria still, although they haven't really done much with their drama after the first or second episode. Stay tuned though.

4. Aquaria (last week: #4). I want her gone, seriously. I know I'm coming across harsh, but her complete lack of self-awareness is not enjoyable to watch and I struggle to understand how she can become America's Next Drag Superstar when her "me, me, me" mentality is so off-putting. 

5. Kameron Michaels (last week: #5). I think Kameron is very likable, and has done a super job this season given how quiet her demeanor has been throughout it all. I don't think that is enough, however, to catapult her into the top four, and she's been in the bottom two for the past two weeks. If that happens again for a third time around, no matter how good of a lip sync "assassin" she is, she'll be going home. 

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Mimi Imfurst Admits Fault In Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Mimi Imfurst Admits Fault In Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Did The Drag Race Star Go Too Far?

#LORD! Are you unfamiliar with the infamous RuPaul’s Drag Race star Mimi Imfurst? Imfurst AKA Braden Chapman is primarily known for embarrassing herself on the first edition of Drag Race All Stars and picking up another Drag Queen on stage, but it appears as if she’s still trying to put her hands on fellow Queens – and still not respectfully.

According to Queerty, Philadelphia Magazine launched an investigation in which Imfurst has been sexually harassing young men -  who are upcoming and aspiring Drag Queens – over the internet! Two of the men who came forward, Kyle Ayotte and Ethan Hunter Raysor, explained Imfurst was persistent in sexual chatting over the internet. They claim to not be the only ones who have suffered uncomfortable messages from Imfurst. The young Queens say they entertained Imfurst’s chats due to her success in the Drag community. They felt obligated to chat with her – and I totally get that. Why would you piss off Philadelphia’s most popular Drag Queen if you want to follow in her footsteps? Ayotte claims Imfurst was preying on his inexperience as a sexual fetish.

Imfurst released an apology. In it, she claims to believe the conversations were consensual. Check out what she has to say:

“It has come to my attention that my sexual conversations via online messaging were uncomfortable for multiple people that I was engaging with. [With t]wo of those people, I have had ongoing late-night sexual conversations that involved in-depth and often exaggerated cyber roleplay that although was welcomed by some has made others uncomfortable and used. For that I am incredibly sorry. I thought that our conversation, which included sexual and nonsexual discussions, was consensual. I realize now that my intent to engage in a playful and welcomed conversation that I initiated did not have the impact on the them that I thought it did.

I deeply regret that due to my nature as a public person, they felt pressured or obligated to partake in these conversations, one of which lasted over two years back and forth. I wish I had known more clearly that they did not want to participate in the conversations. If I would have known that, I would have stopped. I respect both Kyle and Ethan greatly and would never want to make them feel violated. I apologized to Ethan in October privately when this was first brought to my attention, and I now extend my apologies to others that I have hurt as well. I am not perfect. I have made great mistakes that I am truly sorry for and humbled by.

I am incredibly sorry for this and can only work to be a better person and leader in Philadelphia. If anyone has issues I hope that they will speak to me privately so I can apologize to them directly.”

Do you believe Imfurst is guilty of sexually harassing these up and coming Drag Queens?

Philadelphia Magazine spills more tea on the young men’s stories and you need to check it out HERE!

Ranking The Best to Worst 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Seasons

Almost ten years have passed since the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race premiered back in February of 2009, and what a wonderful and crazy ride the show has experienced since then.

Over the course of ten seasons, RPDR has developed internationally known catch phrases, won several Emmy awards and has put drag on the map in a way that no one truly expected, even RuPaul himself.

Each season has brought something totally different from the rest, which has helped keep this show as one of the most watched and talked about reality competition programs on television to date. Question is: which ones fared better than the others? 

Let's break down what RPDR seasons were ultimately the best, and which ones we can delete from our DVR's at this point. 

1. Season 6 (2014). To me, this was their pinnacle for so many reasons. The show started gaining steam around season 4, and went full throttle two years later with such a well-liked cast that it was hard to spot the booger among them. You have the greatest winner of all-time (IMHO) in Bianca Del Rio as well as wonderfully executed storylines with Adore Delano, Trinity K. Bonet and BendelaCreme. Overall this is a season I could watch over and over again and never get tired of seeing.

2. Season 4 (2012). Two queens helped solidify this show directly into pop culture ubiquity, and that happened to be the sparring Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O'Hara. Love her or hate her, Phi Phi was polarizing in her efforts to get to the top three, and turned RPDR into its own version of Bad Girls Club with her nonstop fighting with Sharon and Willam. At the same time, Season 4 winner Sharon opened the doors for other types of drag to walk into the werk room for future seasons, inspiring an assortment of other winners and contestants who didn't fit the "pageant" norm that the show was known for in its first three seasons. Also... LATRICE

3. Season 5 (2013). It wasn't really a shock that half the cast of All Stars 2 were from season 5, as they truly scored themselves some memorable drag queens in Alyssa Edwards, Detox, Alaska, Roxxxy Andrews and Coco Montrese. The storyline of how Jinkx Monsoon became the eventual winner was spellbinding all the way to the very end, and the battle between former friends Alyssa and Coco was confusing but captivating all at the same time. Back rolls? 

4. Season 9 (2017). I wasn't too thrilled with this group on the first episode, but boy did they make up for it as the show went on. Eureka's dramatic exit, Valentina's oversized ego and Sasha Velour catapulting herself to an incredible win in the end proved what a "race" this season was, as there were plenty of girls who could've easily scored the W in the end. 

5. Season 2 (2010). This was when the show started to mold itself into what it is today, but it took baby steps to get there. Season two was still a bit rocky and basic when it came to the overall execution of it, but it still brought the drama with Tyra Sanchez feuding with practically everyone and the soap opera type battles between Raven and Tatianna. It also introduced us to Shangela, who went home in the first episode but came back in future seasons not once... but twice (and should've won the second time for All Stars 3). 

6. Season 8 (2016). It produced a satisfying (and sort of predictable) winner in Bob the Drag Queen, and had some polarizing cast members such as Derrick Barry, but overall this season was the 2nd in a row to not impress the way that the earlier ones did. Them bringing back Naysha Lopez was unbelievably pointless, and the challenges were sort of one-note in helping Bob win (acting and comedy-focused). As Michelle Visage once famously said, "Meh." 

7. Season 3 (2011). This was a fun season to watch just for the drama between "The Heathers" versus "The Boogers." In the end, a "Heather" won in Raja (great choice now that I look back at it), but other than that, it was a pretty basic season where the only historic moments really happened in Untucked (Shangela vs. Mimi Imfurst, "Who the f**k is Heather?, etc).

8. Season 1 (2009). The one that started it all. Look, it was what it was. With the Barbara Walters filter, the runway that looked smaller than my actual head size and the fact that several of the queens sort of gave up before the show ended (Tammie Brown, Shannel), made it rough around the edges at first but it needed to happen in order for the show to be where it is today.

9. Season 10 (2018). This season has failed to impress me on multiple angles. The girls just aren't that interesting and we are in a final six where anyone could win but that isn't necessarily a good thing. There hasn't been one queen this season that has stood out from the pack, and the "winner's edit" they are giving Eureka has become a force-fed situation at this point (once again, IMHO). 

10. Season 7 (2015). There were so many problems with season seven that its hard to figure out where to begin. First of all, season six was so iconic that trying to follow that up with another group of one-of-a-kind girls was near impossible. The bottom line though was that the final three were just purely unlikable throughout the season, even though each had some wonderful talent that they displayed throughout it all. We all collectively were done with the season once Katya and Trixie Mattel were eliminated, so finale night just seemed like another "meh" situation where Violet Chachki won. Cool. 

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Power Rankings, Episode 9: Breast Foot Forward

We are getting down to the nitty gritty on season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race, as six queens remain to vie for the title of America's Next Drag Superstar.

Last week saw The Vixen make her (not so dramatic) exit, so now we are down to 3 New York City queens (Miz Cracker, Aquaria, Monet X Change), and three others scattered across the United States (Asia O' Hara, Kameron Michaels, Eureka O'Hara). 

I'm sort of equating season 10 to season 7, in that it's on the boring side of things for the most part, however something these two groups have in common is that they both had a strong top 6 in each. I don't think, as of right now, that there is a clear winner. For a while there I thought it was Eureka (and boy did you all let me have it about that force-fed situation), but last night's episode sort of made me think differently and right now its hard to really figure out who is on top as, spoiler alert, NO ONE WENT HOME!

The mini-challenge this week was figuring out which two models had the same pair of underwear on, and honestly, I don't know what they are feeding them in Los Angeles but you really can't have a booty competition without an actual BOOTY! 95 percent of their asses were flatter than Aquaria's sense of humor (shade, shade, shade all around.)

The maxi-challenge was television themed, as it was a spoof of the HBO show Westworld (full disclosure, I've never seen an episode of it), called Breast World. Overall, it was a pretty good showing from all the queens, with a couple of missteps that would've gone unnoticed had there been more of them there instead of just six.

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankings, Eureka stayed at the top for a 3rd week in a row. Who will fall where this week?

1. Asia O'Hara (last week: #6). Asia needed that challenge to redeem herself from the middle of the pack realness that she's been serving lately (including a trip to the bottom two last week). Acting seems to be something that she excels in, and she was able to take a late in the game character in Breast World and make her shine over all her competitors. Also, the talk that Ru had with her in the werk room will more than likely propel her into the top 4 if not top 3, as you could tell it resonated with her to the point of tearing up. Good work, Asia.

2. Eureka (last week: #1). Eureka was in the top spot for me for the past three weeks, but she did falter during this week's episode both in the main challenge and the runway. I still don't think she is going anywhere. I don't think she is getting the "winners edit" (see above), but they have crafted such a storyline around her where I don't think she will be leaving anytime soon. I don't know though.

3. Monet X Change (last week: #2). What does she have to do to win a mother f***ing challenge around here? Monet was hilarious last night, and even though they read her for her runway look, I still thought it was fabulous as she played the part of her in 50 years really well. I struggle to wonder if she will ever win a challenge before the finale, but then again, if Trixie Mattel can make it through AS3 never winning anything and be crowned the champion in the end, then maybe Monet has something going for her.

4. Aquaria (last week: #5). This is where things get so confusing as I don't know where to place the other three. Aquaria was safe last night, primarily because of her runway look, and I get her mentality about wanting to win and having no problem saying it to the other girls, but I still struggle with the fact that she doesn't captivate me the way the other girls do. 

5. Kameron Michaels (last week: #2). Kameron ended up in the bottom two, which was evident from the moment the rehearsing segment started. Her lip sync was incredible (a tad better than Eureka's IMHO), but I struggle with her the same way I struggle with Aquaria in that I don't know what else she can do at this point. 

6. Miz Cracker (last week: #5). I don't want to put her at the bottom, but at this point, its where she is for me. Cracker is hilarious, and a phenomenal queen, but its not translating the way it should here. She was in the bottom 3 for a performance that felt forced, and I do wonder if she can muster anything left to really give her a win and prove why she's still in the competition. 

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject. 

Is Miss Vanjie Returning For Another Drag Race Season?

Is Miss Vanjie Returning For Another Drag Race Season?

We’ve Made Some Interesting Discoveries!

#MISSVANJIE! Who isn’t obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 contestant, Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo?! I mean, the name in general – she’s crazy – and we’re crazy about her! We aren’t the only ones, even RuPaul, has worn Vanjie attire on the red carpet for the 2018 Time 100 Gala while the rest of the season has felt Miss Vanjie’s prescence as they blurb her catchphrase AKA name in nearly every episode. Hell, I think my roommate is about to throw a fit because I’m still screaming Miss Vanjie while leaving for work every morning. Please believe me when I say, Miss Vanjie is the best addiction to plague society: She’s harmless – she’s Vanjie!

Clearly World of Wonder Productions would be a fool not to capitalize on the Miss Vanjie phenomenon. They already arranged for Vanjie to join RuPaul during a keynote speech at DragCon LA 2018 to everyone’s surprise. It’s safe to say Vanjie is the winner of the season – she’s a viral sensation and the rest of the Queen’s fan bases won’t hold a candle to Vanjies – not even YOU, Aquaria! We haven’t seen the last of Vanjie on our screens and I must speculate her return for season 11 of Drag Race! Hear me out:

Well, Miss Vanjie is canceling a handful of performances. Our favorite queen has a six-week gap immediately following the Fourth of July and heading into mid-August. Why would a Drag Queen be canceling performances? It’s not like they’re taking night classes or continuing a college degree. They’re so obviously going on Drag Race! Drag Race is a Queen’s destiny now. The Scorpio, a gay bar in North Carolina, has apologized to their patrons for Vanjie canceling a performance. Hmm… check out their apology below and a time gap in Vanjie's schedule below:

In a recent interview with PopBuzz, Vanjie states she’d go back to Drag Race for any reason. She tells:

“If they asked me, of course. Bitch, if they asked me to come clean the bathrooms, I would do it. If they say 'Miss Vanjie, we can't bring you on, but can you please be the janitor for All Stars?' I'd say, yes of course. Give me the gloves, Mary. Let me start cleaning.”

Okay, so WoW isn’t wasting any time jumping from season to season of Drag Race. We didn’t even have enough time to fully be upset over mediocre Trixie Mattel unfairly winning Drag Race: All Stars 3 before we saw a group of new queens literally the next week. The next Drag Race season is arguably probably cast, so we’re due for filming soon. What better time to film than the summer? Season 10 will be wrapping up and followed shortly by the Fourth of July so the busy crew can enjoy a week off with their families. Right? Right. This only means, to me, our girl Vanjie will be making an appearance on season 11. It’s not like queens from season’s past haven’t been brought back before in a regular season. Remember Eureka who’s being shoved down our throats, Shangela who is the most robbed Queen in the show’s history, or that woman who wouldn’t stop talking about her CuCu?! Yeah, they all returned for a new season and did well…besides the Cucu head.

Anyway, take this for what its worth. Possibly nothing but speculation…but let’s hope we can see Vanjie one more time.

Do you think Miss Vanjie will be appearing on the next season of Drag Race?!

Thousands Sashayed into RuPaul's Record-Breaking DragCon

Over 50,000 fans sashayed into the fourth annual RuPaul’s DragCon LA this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Created by mother Ru herself and World of Wonder, this was the largest #DRAGCON to date since it was first held in 2015. And no, it didn’t blow up--there was no sign of Tyra Sanchez anywhere—HALLELOO!

DragCon was packed with over 350 exhibitor booths which included hundreds of meet & greets, performances, and panels which included the following:

RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Bianca Del Rio, Trixie Mattel, Billy Eichner, Brian McCook (Katya) Alaska 5000, Jinkx Monsoon, Alyssa Edwards, Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Blair St. Clair, Dusty Ray Bottoms, Eureka, Kennedy Davenport, Manila Luzon, Alexis Mateo, Vanessa Vaaaaaanjie Mateo, Kameron Michaels, Mayhem Miller, Miz Cracker, Monét X Change, Naomi Smalls, Bebe Zahara Benet, Raja, Shangela, Sharon Needles, Valentina, Violet Chachki, Sasha Velour, Chad Michaels, Ross Mathews. For full list of talent, click here.

Thousands of VIP pass holders were able to walk the convention floor hours early while enjoying a live acoustic performance by current All Star reigning queen Trixie Mattel. VIPs also got a first-chance to see the Werkroom replica before everyone else as well as snapping selfies at the over 30 instagrammable spots on the convention floor. Not to mention, they got dibs on the sick’ning vendors with everything your drag-loving hearts could ever desire.



On the first official morning of DragCon, RuPaul’s Drag Race and All Stars winners Trixie Mattel, Sasha Velour, Sharon Needles, Alaska 5000, Jinkx Monsoon and Bebe Zahara Benet Sissied That Walk down the pink carpet in front of thousands of fans for an epic Crowned Queens Walk.



As if seeing so many fierce reality television queens wasn’t sensory overload enough, DragCon attendees turned it out with their looks to give other visitors a run for their money. They served face, body, head to toe extravaganza that put many to shame while leaving others gagging.



This was my first visit to DragCon and what can I say? It was a beautiful experience. It was incredible to see that this tiny show that I use to watch nine years ago had not only grown, but exploded into world domination, inspiring and touching the lives of the young, the old, the marginalized, the disabled, the persecuted, the judged, the misunderstood, the queens—in every one of us.

RuPaul shared about the importance of this event, now more than ever:

In this time of chaos and lies, for three days tens of thousands of big-hearted, super-creative, and sensitive souls peacefully gathered to celebrate their truth at RuPaul’s DragCon. Seeing all the young people and families and queens has filled my heart with gratitude and hope. The future is going to be fierce.

During his Keynote address on Sunday, May 13th, RuPaul expressed:

Here we are in a time when it seems like the world's gone backwards....politically and everything, the pendulum has swung all the way...it's up to us and how we see ourselves on an emotional and personal level to push the conversation forward.

Before entering the convention center, all DragCon goers were greeted with a larger-than-life “Everybody Say Love” sign that set the tone of tolerance, inclusivity, and peace at the convention.

But let’s get down to it. As I mentioned, this was my first time at DragCon and ultimately, I had a great time. I met some amazing people, witnessed more death drops than I have ever seen in real life, and got to kiki with my favorite queens. Still--with all that, and with every event, there was chaos.

First you should know that if you are going to DragCon, YOU MUST HAVE MONEY. We're talkin' CASHFLOW REALNESS. If you plan on just paying for your pass and then coming to enjoy everything without spending a dime…that may be hard. Aside from paying for whatever you want to buy, you will have to pay for something or even pay for a meet & greet if you want to smile and pose with your favorite queens. This isn’t like meeting them at the bar or the club, they are there to run a business and their teams have it on lock making sure that they are making their coin. Completely understandable, though. RuPaul’s Drag Race has made entrepreneurs of them all over night and they need to sustain their very expensive careers. Just know that if you plan to get a picture, it’s gonna cost you, so don’t be offended if you are turned away.

One thing that was a great escape at DragCon that cost no extra money was The Runway. Throughout the weekend contests and presentations were held on the convention floor that had the crowds LIVING! If you were looking for the hot spot with all the music, The Runway was the place. With hosted and scheduled performances by Eureka, Alexis Michelle, Chad Michaels, Mayhem Miller, Trinity K. Bonet, Detox, Latrice Royale, Morgan McMichaels, Laganja Estranja—the queens were bringing it to the runway.

Special guests Evan Michael Lee and Chase Kolozsi from World of Wonder’s The Gaymer Guys, hosted a special cosplay contest that flipped the wigs of judges Jiggly Caliente and Pandora Boxx. And another highlight was the season finale of Hey Qween with Jonny McGovern, Lady Red and Peppermint.

The perfect opportunity to spend some more time getting to know the queens is by attending sessions and panel discussions, which also make DragCon a meeting of the minds. Sessions do cover a lot of points for RuPaul’s Drag Race fanatics, but at their core, these panels are a dialogue for drag and LGBTQIA culture that truly elevate visibility.

That being said, for DragCon LA, scheduling and timing for all sessions was a bit of a disaster. There was overcrowding in the lines and staff was having a hard time getting everyone in order because we all seemed to be in a haze. One late session potentially pushed back all the sessions in the room which interfered with the ability to run to the next line and wait for the next session. I know DragCon is only 4 years old, so maybe they will learn from these mistakes and have better communication among their team to insure that people don't get out of hand because—let me tell you—Drag Race fans can be VICIOUS and entitled!

If you were lucky enough to get into the sessions of your choice, it was definitely worth the wait. From Brian McCook (Katya) giving an uncensored, uncut and inspirational “DEB Talk” in the style of a TED Talk about the Drag Entertainment Business to Billy Eichner Glamming up the Midterms, the DragCon sessions were meaningful and insightful—but also tons of fun!

During one session, the RPDR Season 3 queens Ru-united to dish about what life has been like for the queens since they were on the show and how they have seen the evolution of drag and Drag Race over the last 10 years. It was an honest conversation about how drag has manifested into a popularity contest with social media and how most fans forget that paramount to everything, drag is art! Panelists included Phoenix, India Ferrah, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Raja, Stacy Layne Matthews, Manila Luzon, and Alexis Mateo. The panel was moderated by Michael J Freeman.

Billy Eichner and Funny or Die partnered with DragCon to present their efforts in Glam Up the Midterms, an initiative started by Eichner to encourage voting citizens to cast their votes in the midterm elections in order to make the changes we so need in this world possible. Eichner was joined by Alaska and Peppermint for some “Billy on the Street” style games that got the audience pumped and had them rolling on the floor. Eichner also welcomed three community powerhouses who are creating political and social change in the Los Angeles area.

Jasmine Masters’ Class was also in-session during DragCon as she gave her humble opinion and had real talk with sister queens Kennedy Davenport, Tempest DuJour, and Shea Couleé. The four loud-mouthed queens dished about their time on Drag Race, the difficulties that come with being in the public eye, and they even down and dirty discussing their favorite sex positions before taking questions from the audience. Jasmine Masters definitely had something to say and panel attendees were present and ready for class!

Attending DragCon was an unforgettable experience. Yes it was three long days of walking, talking, dancing, standing, waiting, not eating, taking selfies—but by the time you realized your feet were numb, you were ready for the next day. I don’t recommend heels if you’re not use to them! I wore some butch flats instead.

I think there are a lot of sides to the idea of DragCon. Hardcore Drag Race fans will either love it or hate it. Drag purists may feel like it is a crazy whirlwind mega bitch of consumerism that is so far removed from the essence of the art of drag that they would wonder why anyone would spend a dime to visit. In my honest opinion—and I’m no Jasmine Masters—DragCon is part of the LGBTQIA revolution that has come to ignite discourse about the celebration of the obscure and what is different, and glamorous, and beautiful. It may also be the only place where people feel like they can freely express themselves without the fear of being in danger.

Expensive as it may be, DragCon and what RuPaul’s Drag Race has given to the gay community is groundbreaking. We forget that behind a simple reality show there is a message of tolerance and appreciation for individuals who have had to fight their whole lives to stand out, to be accepted, and to survive. We are truly lucky to be alive at a time where DragCon can even exist and where thousands can gather to honor pioneers and future generations of not just drag culture, but the LGBTQIA community that just wants to love and be loved—with heels click clackin’ about.

DragCon returns to New York in September. Badges and VIP Packages for the second annual “RuPaul’s DragCon NYC” will go on sale May 14, 2018 at RuPaulsDragCon.com. If you’re in the area, you bettah getchu some and start saving those monies, Henny!  

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject. 

Finally a Response from Robbie Turner and the Infamous Car Accident Tweets

Following a tweet that drag performer Robbie Turner posted on April 15th RuPaul’s Drag Race fans and alumni seemed to be thrown for a loop with speculation. Robbie stated in a series of tweets that he had been in a car accident where the Uber driver was killed, but no confirmation of such an accident was ever confirmed.

Many fans called him out for being a compulsive liar that has in the past fabricated outlandish stories that have proven to be false while others were sympathetic to Robbie and wished him a speedy recovery.

After reaching out to Robbie and his representation, Instinct never received any comment.

Soon after everyone’s wig was flipped, Queer/Bar in Seattle, where Robbie was the resident host, announced that Robbie Turner would be taking some time off to focus on his mental health.

Since the infamous tweets that shook the drag world, Robbie has been silent. Many fans have claimed that they have been blocked for posting negative comments on his social media, but not a single response--until now.

Robbie Turner just posted on Instagram a long apology to various entities that comes right after the release of his Entertainment Weekly interview:

Just today, 12 days after the online scandal, Entertainment Weekly has released an interview with Robbie Turner that talks about what transpired. I’ll quote some of the responses here, but in brief, yeah--the car accident never happened!

Robbie shares with EW that he was in an altered state of mind because he believes something had been slipped into one of his drinks and that he had slipped in the shower. The entire car accident and going to the hospital after was a very vivid dream that he perceived to be reality.

Robbie shares:

I woke up with bruises on my body, and I woke up with a headache, so my initial reaction was I thought I had a concussion. I was worried because I was alone… I wasn’t going to be seeing anyone for a few days. I usually try to rest and sit still after a weekend of shows. And I more or less woke up worried that I had a concussion, [so I] made a scheduled post for when people would be waking up Sunday morning… I was already falling asleep and was panicking… I did wake up with very large bruises and a headache, and I’ve always had this irrational fear of concussions.

After days of poking around and sleuthing to figure out everything I had gone through, days later I saw footage of me coming home, getting out of a car, and getting into my apartment okay. What [I] think happened is that I was slipped something [in my drink], because I didn’t drink that much that night, and [that I] slipped and fell in the shower. The hat I was wearing is completely bent and gross, so we think I hit my head in the shower, got out of makeup, went to bed, and had a very vivid and ridiculous dream.

Robbie continues to share that he never thought to contact the authorities or to gain confirmation that the accident had ever occurred, but he did go to the hospital and was informed he hadn’t been there as he previously thought.

After doing my own sleuthing I went to the hospital and got an affirmation that I had not been seen on Sunday like I thought I had, which was horrifying and embarrassing… And so I spent the next few days resting and trying to find out [what happened] from the police and the hospital and everything was turning up into a weird dead end and almost becoming comical to the professionals that I was seeing. I thought I was losing my mind…. A friend of mine who is a therapist came over and told me that I should get a psych evaluation for the whole scenario, so I spent the next few days after that speaking to crisis counselors, and when I was finally seen by a psychiatrist. I talked to them about everything that has been going on, even prior to the accident, because it’s just been kind of a nightmare in my personal life. There have been many deaths and a lot of loss, and the social worker and psychiatrist [said] it sounds more like I had a mild mental break, and it was triggered by slipping in the shower and being slipped something [in my drink].

Robbie also touches on the response he received and the online bullying from fans and followers that really turned blew the whole situation out of proportion.

There’s absolutely a larger bullying community now, and I think people like to use the term “calling out” as a cover, as a guise to what they’re actually doing, which is bullying someone. I personally don’t read a lot of the comments, and the things that I have seen have been screen shots that a friend will send… I don’t want to see any of it. I’m already fully aware of what happened and what’s happening. But it is interesting to see that side of people that I’ve worked with in the Drag Race community. It’s like, well, I hate to point it out, but no one is perfect and everyone makes large mistakes that they regret whether it be on a public level or not… Unfortunately, I don’t think people have control, and they start reading one thing and turn it into a giant campaign to basically eviscerate someone when they don’t actually have 100 percent of the proper information.

Then, when asked about how he felt regarding other Drag Race alumni who commented about the whole incident, Robbie had some choice words about his ‘sisters’:

Not one of the girls that you mentioned reached out to me once, so I’m not completely surprised that those are the types who said something because they’re trying to remain current, and talking about somebody else’s drama gives them material, I guess. I’ve just never been that person because I don’t see the point of kicking people who are down because it’s an unfair advantage.

But do you think Robbie was trying to stay current? Because regardless of what happened, I think it worked!

And does Robbie have any regrets with respect to this incident?

I’m a little horrified that I did publish it in the first place, and looking back it’s always easier in hindsight… but fear I think is a powerful motivator, and I was so fearful that I was not going to wake up, so I made a plea for help, and if you read the original post it was clearly scrambled… reading it now I’m like, oh my goodness, why did I post anything? I should have called someone to come over [and] take me back to the hospital if I was having an issue.

Read the full interview HERE

Based on this interview, we now understand that the car accident DID NOT occur straight from the drag queen’s words. So now, have we reached a point in this story where we should leave Robbie alone? He is going to take some time off to be on antidepressants and work on his mental health. I mean, it seems it was really doing a number on him.

It seems the great drag mystery of 2018 has been solved, but do you believe Robbie Turner’s explanation for the whole thing or do you chalk it up to, as Robbie called it, ‘trying to stay current’? Or should we all be more sympathetic now that he has come clean about the fictional accident? Or was it a gag that spun way too out of control from which he could never return?


Keep Those Coins Coming: RuPaul Develops Make-Up Line

Is RuPaul coming for Kylie (Jenner) and Jeffree Star in the cosmetics industry?  The queen of all queens can now add another title onto his already plush resume,as it has been revealed that he's developing a collection of makeup products with Mally Beauty.


#MallyXRuPaul More info coming soon!

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“Ru has always stayed true to who he is and unapologetically puts himself out there. He exemplifies self-acceptance and has inspired and taught millions of people to love themselves,” founder Mally Roncal said in a press release regarding the exciting collaboration.

“This seamlessly blends with Mally Beauty’s mantra: What makes you different makes you beautiful! I feel blessed to have the honor of working with RuPaul and have him connected to my brand.”

The cosmetics line will consist of 10 or 12 products.  This isn't the first time that Ru has worked with a cosmetics brand, as he became the face and spokesperson for MAC cosmetics back in 1994.  The MAC brand was part of a very important challenge surrounding people living with HIV during the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

No further details about the collaboration as of yet, but its something that Ru looks very excited about. “I love Mally. Her approach to make-up is exemplified by her personality; smart, sexy, fun, and beautiful. I really dig this woman,” Ru said in a statement.

Will one the products be a Miss Vanjie brush? (Fingers crossed).


Who Is The Best Drag Race Winner?

Who Is The Best Drag Race Winner?

A Ranking Of All Original Nine Winners!

#GAG! Like most of the LGBTQ community, I've found some of my time being dedicated to the one reality television series which truly caters to us. While we've been progressing with additional series such as Queer Eye and Finding Prince Charming, one long running series with arguably the best/worst fandom is none other than RuPaul's Drag Race. Since 2009, in an age RuPaul dubs, "before the internet", Drag Queens have filled our brains and their names are on the tip of our tongues. Over a hundred Queens have stepped into our lives, ready to be judged. And judged they will be, damn it! Check out my list of the best original winners below:



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09. Violet Chachki 

Yawn. Is there any season of Drag Race more forgettable than their seventh season? Sure, we got to see the lackluster introduction to Trixie Mattel and high-energy, extremely likable Katya, but is there anyone else to truly fan for? Clearly RuPaul had an aneurysm before she declared the winner Violet Chachki. While fashion forward, I struggled to even remember who she was. Literally, I had to Google how to spell her last name. Is she still doing drag?

08. Sasha Velour 

Alright, I'll admit Sasha Velour had one of the most memorable lip syncs to date. Roses falling from her wig?! Uhh, girl! That's pretty intense! It clearly shook the audience, RuPaul, and Shea Coulee (Who certainly thought she was going to win the whole show). However, besides her final performance, Velour disappeared among larger personalities. The looks were incredible, but everyone knows Velour wasn't their first choice to take home the crown.

07. Tyra Sanchez

Honestly, regardless of Tyra Sanchez's recent drama of being banned from DragCon, I would still place her low on a list of all-time winners. While I appreciate her controversial attitude for the sake of dramatics, she truly didn't bring the heat during her performance in the series second season. Heat - as in shutting down the others. It's still debated to this day fellow contestant, Raven, should've snatched the crown. While Sanchez served us a lot of entertainment; a final win shouldn't have been in her cards.

06. BeBe Zahara-Benet 

Throwing this back all the way into Drag Race's first season. Should BeBe Zahara-Benet have won? Absolutely. She was arguably the most marketable Queen out of the bunch. While being marketable, she also was deemed as "comfort" for the time. She wasn't a fishy Queen blending the lines of being Transgender. She was gorgeous, modest, and looked straight out of Studio 54. Zahara-Benet is classic, traditional Drag...which is why she probably doesn't stack up compared to the rest of the Drag Race winners.

05. Bob The Drag Queen

The only reason Bob The Drag Queen isn't higher on this list is because, let's be real, we've all seen her shtick before. Hilarious, yes. Dude in a dress, of course! Bob is familiar with everyone because she essentially represents your friendly hometown Drag Queen who made it on television. Luckily for Bob, she ended up on a season complete with CuCus, fodder, and Derrick Barry; which made her the clear winner from episode one. A win definitely deserved, but I believe we all feel our hometown hero could've done the same routine.

04. Jinkx Monsoon

I would love to place Jinkx Monsoon higher on this list. Monsoon defeated a mean girls clique and defied odds by winning over the audience's hearts. In the same vein as Bob, Monsoon had such a hometown Queen vibe. She would be more successful if she had been on a season prior, since she virtually has duplicated the narrative of former winner Sharon Needles.


Thanx babe @ryan_paul_turner for my cute buns

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03. Raja

Ahh, Drag Race season 3. The innocence before the obsessed fandom began to destroy the edits and producers became heavily involved in creating story lines rather than allowing Queens to be petty and well...themselves. Long before we had talks of conversion therapy and work room heart-to-hearts for ratings, we had a divided cast of Boogers and Heathers. Raja, a Heather, was a force to be reckoned with. Her fashion had us gagging while her confessionals read the competition flawlessly. When she believed she'd be perceived as a villain, she strictly stated she only gossiped among her friends - because who doesn't talk a bunch of bull with their best friends among the kitchen table? Raja is truly one who has made her mark in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.


SHOW #3,456.....  #sandiego #blameitonbiancadelriotour2018 #herewego #clowninagown

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02. Bianca Del Rio

It's no secret Bianca Del Rio has been one of the few Queens to use her position to further her career outside of the nightclub scene. From Netflix films to comedy specials, Del Rio has most made a thumbprint in mainstream media. To this day, I still cannot scroll through social media without seeing one of her quotes or a GIF of her. With a flawless win of never landing in the bottom, Del Rio demolished her competition.


I’m gonna get ya Salt Lake City!!

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01. Sharon Needles

The fourth season of Drag Race truly changed the series. The audience began to grow, especially with a powerhouse of personalities such as villainous Phi Phi O'Hara, former inmate Latrice Royale, ejected and blackballed contestant Willam, among many other colorful characters. Now, hear me out, the winner of the season, Sharon Needles, truly changed Drag Race. She brought a heartbreaking story of being an outcast her entire life. Drag was her outlet and she excelled at being one of the best. Through being berated by O'Hara, Needles became America's Sweetheart. Ever since Needles won with talent and a gut-wrenching history of pain, World of Wonder Productions has been trying to find a Needles in each season moving ahead. Needles, without question, changed reality television as we know it...and all of the winners of Drag Race need to be bowing down to her.

Who is your favorite Drag Race winner?! 

Did Drag Race's Robbie Turner Have a Brush With Death?

Over the weekend, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Robbie Turner allegedly got a rude awakening that is a serious reminder to all of us not to drive drunk.

The drag performer was on his way home in an Uber when the car was struck by a drunk driver. Robbie lost consciousness and woke up much later in the hospital, but the Uber driver was killed in the collision.

Although this has not been confirmed by authorities in the Seattle area, Robbie recounts the happening on Twitter:

And with this horrific experience, it has put things into perspective for Robbie, giving him a platform to spread love and encourage others to thank those closest to them:

There’s no doubt that even when you are a careful driver, there will be others who get behind the wheel drunk and take the lives of innocent people in the process. According to NHTSA, at least 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes every day—that’s one person every 50 minutes—over 10,500 per year. Take advantage of tools like ride sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.), stay at a friend’s house so that you crash on a couch and not into another person. We are all responsible for the lives we put in danger when we get behind the wheel, so if you want to party under the influence--don’t drive.

UPDATE: The Stranger and Seattle Gay Scene have reported that both Seattle Police and Uber representatives haven't been able to confirm that this actually happened. We have reached out to Robbie Turner several times for clarification, but it seems the drag performer has gone dormant in response to this alleged car accident. There are many questions about this story, including what happened to the person who was 'killed'? What happened to the drunk driver? Why are there no reports on this ever occurring? Tons have flooded social media calling Robbie out for his compulsive lying. If he is lying, why has Robbie Turner fabricated such a story?

h/t: Robbie Turner Twitter, NHTSAThe StrangerSeattle Gay Scene