InstaHunk Alex Abramov's New Revealing Art Photography Series "Uncovered"

Russian artist and producer Alexander Abramov lives his life out and proud on his Instagram account where over 300,000 people follow him each day for a look at his woofy, furry goodness in action.

Alex has just released the first two volumes of a five-part series of revealing art photography books, Uncovered.

The hunky Russian has kept personal journals for more than 18 years and has drawn upon those memories to create Uncovered.

“My diary is about awareness of my homosexuality, about my experiences and explorations of the world: first feelings, first love, first sexual encounter,” says Abramov. “It’s also about human imperfection and struggle, drugs and fears, scars and past troubles.”

“On the whole, it tells of becoming the man I have wanted to be: a man who is able to inspire others to make changes for the better,” he adds.

A little background on Alex: he began his career in the media business as an assistant in a PR agency in Kazakhstan. He moved to Moscow in his early 20s where he worked as a producer of photo projects.

He also dabbled in fashion design creating collections that appeared on the runways of Russian Fashion Week.

Life eventually led to working in TV as an executive producer of a popular makeover reality series where he remained for five years before moving to the U.S.

“It’s been a long, winding road to where I am now but all of my past experiences in magazines, fashion and TV have contributed enormously to the making of this series,” says Alex. “They are all a part of the fabric of the man that I’m excited to reveal in ‘Uncovered.’”

I had the opportunity to chat with handsome Alex for my podcast, The Randy Report. Here’s a few takeaways from my chat:

Alex knows some folks just want to see him in the buff, and he’s ok with that. 

“Some people wanted to see me naked,” says Alex. “Okay, people, see me naked. But only in the way I want to represent myself. I actually don't have any issues with being naked. It was part of marketing and the story, to sell this book. Because, let's be realistic - some part of people will buy this book because they want to know me better through my journal notes; some part of people will buy just because they want to see me naked. And I'm cool with this.”

What you see is what you get with Alex. How he appears today, how he chose the characters for Uncovered. This is all an extension of Alex.

Press materials reveal that he was somewhat sickly as a child. And at 6’2” and 130 pounds, he was skinny with health problems. Eventually, he found his way to a gym as a young adult. But not necessarily to improve his health. It was to get a man. The kind of man he liked.

“I was always attracted to, kind of like, muscle, big guys. I had lovers and I had experience when I was skinny, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So, I start going the gym because I want to change my body to become more attractive to a type of guys who I really like.”

And that’s also how he chose the five characters in Uncovered. Each volume is named for the characters he portrays (Wrangler, Mercenary, Woodsman, Journeyman and Seafarer) and all represent masculine, sexual archetypes Alex has been drawn to all his life.

“It's all about my, let's call it, sexual fantasy,” says Abramov. “I was always into men. Like - men, men, men. You know, soldiers, cowboys, lumberjacks. It should be look like men and smell like men. It should wear clothes like men. I'm totally cool with different types in our LGBTQ community. All these different things. But my personal preference was always about men.”

If you’d like to hear Alex (and his charming Russian accent) talk about his journey to Uncovered, hit the play button below for the full podcast. We end up talking about a range of things including a bit of politics (I’m talking to a real Russian and I’m not gonna bring up “collusion???”).



In that he was born in the Republic of Kazakhstan and  lived his young adult life in Russia, Alex knows well the lack of LGBT rights in these countries.

For those reasons, he is donating 10% of proceeds of Uncovered to The Russian LGBT Network which promotes equal rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

You can find more information about Alex’s book series Uncovered at his official website.

Let's close with just a few snaps from awesome Alex's Instagram account:


[ First image like a first step ] HI guys, today I finally can introduce you to my very #personal #project titled: 'UNCOVERED'. months in the making, hours of photo shoots at multiple locations more then pictures taken by my good friend and hugely talented #photographer Dima Bocharov | @dmitrybocharov | comes #artbooks different #characters and only story - My Story - the story of a man who wasn't afraid #speakup, follow thru with his #vision and be #uncovered, both #body and #soul. Put your profile #notifications #ON, every day I’ll post more information and images #photography #imnotafraid #cowboy #cowboyhat #bodyandsoul #introduction #monday #mondaymotivation #dmitrybocharov #storyofmylife #beardman #betruetoyourself #betrue #mirrormirroronthewall #eyesisthewindowofthesoul

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day 3 of our first shoot last #summer with @dmitrybocharov [ 5:30 am at Joshua Tree National Park ] Me completely #naked in #boots and a #Stetson with a #rifle on my shoulders. Now I’m trying to remember what I was even thinking about, but I can not. Totally sleep deprived, but yet in the #moment. What I do remember it’s how I was feeling. “#Wild” - a word which will explain to you guys my mindset that #morning. An #animal. A #hunter. Alone in the middle of nowhere amongst the #wildlife and sounds of the #desert waking up to the #newday. The picture doesn’t show you now all #beauty around me in this #July morning in the east #Southern #California, but I #promise, the pictures in the book, will... #photography #imnotafraid #cowboy #cowboyhat #bodyandsoul #introduction #dmitrybocharov #storyofmylife #artbook #wrangler #uncovered

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Rita Ora Offends The Gay Community…Then Comes Out!

Rita Ora Offends The Gay Community…Then Comes Out!

Is Another Artist Claiming To Be LGBTQ To Get Out Of Trouble?

#SIGH! Rita Ora, 27, has been trying to be a household name for a decade. She first began as Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend and a rising singer. She has made many attempts at being the next IT girl, coming short compared to Rihanna each time. By a miracle, iconic Model, Tyra Banks, allowed Ora to be the host of VH1’s rebooted America’s Next Top Model, only to fire her after the first season due to low ratings. Ora still persists trying to be a mainstream singer, especially with music team ups with the likes of forgotten Rapper, Iggy Azalea and her latest track with heavyweight hot topic, Cardi B and - I’ve heard of them but don’t know what they look like -Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX. Ora is finally breaking into headlines with her newest song, Girls, but it’s not because it’s the song of the summer. Check out the controversial Girls below:

The song is essentially a long announcement of stating someone is bisexual after getting high off marijuana and drinking alcohol. According to Billboard, an openly bisexual Artist, Hayley Kiyoko, was vocal on how problematic Ora’s latest song about bisexuality is. Kiyoko speaks for a lot of us, telling:

“I literally have a knot in my stomach right now. [The song] is tone deaf and does more harm and good for the LGBTQ+ community. I don’t need to drink wine to kiss girls; I’ve loved women my entire life. This type of message is dangerous because it completely belittles and invalidates the very pure feelings of an entire community. We can and should do better.”

Social media has not been kind to Ora since the release of her latest song. Check out just a few tweets of people uniting in a giant eye roll below:

You may notice social media is dragging both Ora and Cardi B, who is alleged to be transphobic.

Ora is trying to get back into good graces. She has taken to social media to announce she is bisexual, so – ya know, maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on her?! Here’s what she has to say:

“Hello everyone reading this. Girls was written to represent my truth and is an accurate account of a very real and honest experience in my life. I have had romantic relationships with women and men throughout my life and this is my personal journey. I am sorry how I expressed myself in my song has hurt anyone. I would never intentionally cause harm to other LGBTQ+ people or anyone. I have strived to be a contributor to the LGBTQ+ community throughout my entire career and always will be.”

Grr! First, props to Ora for putting out a bisexual song. Seriously, kudos – as a gay man, I appreciate anyone reaching out to the LGBTQ community. Ora does have a handful of gay fans and I cannot imagine her being homophobic in the least. Perhaps we should calm down regarding the song. She clearly didn’t write it and just went along with mass producing a song she believed would be her *in*. While it’s safe to say her *in* is never going to happen, we don’t have to light our torches when she’s performing at Gay Pride Parades because honestly that’s where her career is heading. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not what she wants. She clearly needs the LGBTQ community for more success and that’s exactly what she tried: It just blew up in her face. But, we have to stop being angry with this girl for the song.

However, Ora is not the first celebrity who has gotten into controversy and decided to come out of the closet because of being in hot water. Aaron Carter, my would-be arch nemesis, came out as bisexual and every LGBTQ media outlet decided to fan over him and shower him with love. Some of us were smart enough to see through his tactic: He was using coming out of the closet to overlook his alleged DUI, drug charges, and mental issues. This was confirmed when he openly admitted he wouldn’t date men and since has detracted his statement in general, claiming the LGBTQ media confused his statements. He is heterosexual, after lying about his sexuality to have his career briefly be revived by a gay bar tour. Don’t even get me started on Kevin Spacey coming out of the closet amid his sexual predator allegations.

We need to let these aspiring celebrities, has-beens, and anyone trying to take advantage of the LGBTQ community that you simply CAN’T. Some of us see through the bull from the beginning. One experience I believe which unites the LGBTQ community is we’ve all had to come out of the closet. Most of us, for what it’s worth, don’t come out on social media but instead announce it privately to our families. The whole Millennial age of having all information of you be public is fine, but it still doesn’t take away the conversation you have with your loved ones. You can’t come out on social media and expect it to work out for you... especially when you are in trouble with the LGBTQ community. I expect Ora to be photographed making out with a girl sometime this summer but will be engaged and pregnant by next year’s end. Bisexual, sureeee girl.

Check out Ora’s official coming-out-Tweet below:

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Nine Trans People Have Been Killed in the U.S. This Year

The strangling death of 26-year-old Carla Patricia Flores-Pavón last week is the ninth known murder of a transgender person in the U.S. this year. The Human Rights Campaign has tracked violence against trans people and non-binary people since 2013. Last year, at least 28 transgender people were killed, a record since tracking began.

These are the nine transgender victims of fatal violence in 2018:

Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, 42, was known throughout her North Adams, Massachusetts community as an activist. She founded and organized the Miss Trans New England pageant. She was found stabbed and beaten to death in her home on January 5. Her husband, Mark Steele-Knudslien, 47, was charged with the crime.

Viccky Gutierriez, 33, from Honduras, was a member of TransLatin@ Coalition’s Los Angeles organization. She was stabbed to death before her home was set on fire on January 10. Kevyn Ramirez, 29, faces the possibility of life in prison for the crime.

Tonya Harvey, 35, was shot to death in Buffalo, New York on February 6. Police initially identified Harvey as male before releasing an updated report. They are now investigating the murder as a possible hate crime.

Celine Walker, 36, was found dead from a gunshot wound in a Jacksonville, Florida hotel on February 4. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office misgendered Walker at first, claiming they do not identify victims as transgender. Authorities are still looking for a suspect.

Zakaria Fry, 28, and roommate Eugene Ray, 70, went missing from their New Mexico home in mid-January. Their bodies were discovered 40 miles outside of Albuquerque on February 19. Charles Spiess, 32, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder.

Phylicia Mitchell, 45, was shot to death outside her home in Cleveland, Ohio on February 23. On April 10, Cleveland.com reported that Gary Sanders, 36, was charged with aggravated murder in Mitchell’s death. The slaying is believed to be drug-related. "She was a good person,” her longtime partner Shane Mitchell told the Cleveland press. “Even though she had a drug problem, she's a good person. She got mixed up with the wrong people.”

Amia Tyrae Berryman, 28, was fatally shot in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana hotel March 26. Police have no suspects at this time. Local TV station WBRZ-TV 2 misgendered Berryman when first reporting the crime.

Sasha Wall, 29, was found dead from multiple bullet wounds in her still-running car on Easter Sunday in the sandhills of South Carolina. No arrests have been made in the ongoing investigation, but local media  have reported a lead. Local station WSOC-TV misidentified Wall as male.

Carla Patricia Flores-Pavón, 26, was fatally strangled in her Dallas apartment on May 9. A man was seen leaving her apartment shortly before she was found. A source told local station CBS 11 the victim had recently connected with a man in a chat room.  An investigation is underway. Dallas police say there is no evidence of a hate crime.


Seven of these women were women of color. Violence disproportionately impacts trans people of color, who are uniquely vulnerable due to a struggle for basic living needs like employment, housing and healthcare in the crosshairs of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

The Greatest Con - Convincing Yourself That You Don’t Have A Problem.

Let me level with you; getting into recovery is a bitch.  There was a time I fully believed that I wasn’t an addict and didn’t need help.  I completely underestimated my addiction.  Even when I began sticking myself like a voodoo doll I didn’t believe I had a problem.  It is estimated that 30 percent of LGBT struggles with some form of addiction. The three most problematic words that can come out of an addicts mouth are “I got this.”  Convincing yourself that you don’t have a problem is the greatest con game.  Only 10 percent of addicts ever seek out treatment.  Self-deception is the barrier to getting into treatment.   On the flip side, the three most empowering words an addict will ever speak are “I need help.” 

Eventually, you have to wake up to the reality that your drug use negatively impacts your life.  You can’t continue to be a chaos agent wagering your life on denial.  You are like a tea bag, you are in hot water.  When your use begins to spiral out of control, and it will, prepare to go from Park Avenue to park benches.  It’s not my intention to sound mean, it’s just that I mean business. I am fully aware of drug use in gay culture and I encourage anyone who regularly uses to seek treatment. Guilt, shame, and remorse keeps you out there in your addiction longer.  Admitting you have a problem is a scary prospect, but it's a better option than an early engraving of ‘dope fiend’ on your tombstone.  It is a sad, startling reality that few addicts make it.  I’m not trying to sound like a doomsday prophet, but it is my hope to help others survive the odds.  That hope starts with treatment.  The thing is, if you go into treatment for anyone other than yourself, the shit won’t work. 

Overdose deaths within the LGBT community are at epidemic levels throughout the United States.  Dope sprees, binges, and chem-sex have infiltrated the scene taking too many promising lives into full blown addiction and even death.  Buy into recovery through treatment, don’t buy into getting high, the drugs don’t give any fucks about you.  So do you want the red pill or the blue pill?  It is your choice alone. 

We all have a past, now hold your head up.  Going into treatment for drug addiction is a chance to turn an obstacle into an opportunity.  You have to be a beast to recover, but when your future is on the line you can find motivation in the fight.  For a long stretch of years, I had almost completely given up hope in having the future I had always dreamed of.  Being an ‘atomic cowboy’ who doesn’t play into societal norms and being so open publicly about my life seemed to be deep strikes against me.  Add into the mix working through past traumas that have occurred in my life, most of which ‘normal’ people wouldn’t have survived, led me to believe that I would never get the family life I so desperately hoped for.  My ultimate future is the ‘white picket fence’ and when I found myself once again seeing this life as a possibility I began to seek out treatment as to not miss out on the possible.  So, delete your ‘hook-up’ apps boys because you won’t find your husband on them.

All I know is that we can recover.  Addiction is a cunning habit that, after the momentary emotional numbing, leads your further and further away from your purpose.  You lose your way.  Just take the suggestion to go into treatment.  The decision is fully on you.  If you are at a crossroads and recognize that using and addiction are not how you want to live then it's time to seek out help.  You cannot become what you cannot define.  It’s like a rabbit hole prayer with God.  I found that it won’t help on the scale that I know I am capable of unless I make it into recovery.  I must live a life of significance and make a difference in the world.  What do you want out of your life?

Reaching recovery will be a milestone.  From that point on my social media posts should read ‘haters wanted’ followed by the wink emoji.  It will be the most prideful accomplishment of my life.  I consider myself to be between addict and recovery, I don’t plan on being stuck there.  I want to be the resource.  I want to be the fury.  There is no shame in admitting you are battling an addiction and to those who say otherwise, well that is on them.  By now, everyone should gleam that stigmas are ignorant and ignorance has zero standing.  Fresh out of treatment, I have never felt more alive or hopeful.  Sober feels good, but my second chance at the life I have always gunned for feels even better.  It is empowering to surrender the con of denial and find a treatment program that will be the foundation of your recovery. 

Instinct wants to thank C.L. Frederick for sharing his open and honest piece on addiction and rehab.  Discussions need to happen, truths need to be shared and sharing personal accounts like this is a great beginning. For help, check out these resources:




C.L. Frederick is an internationally published columnist, reporting on social issues affecting the LGBT community. His articles have been published by numerous national and international publications. A few of the outlets he has written for include The Phoenix Newsletter (Kansas City), DNA Magazine, Prism Magazine, Homoculture, Impulse Group, The Dallas Voice, and The Windy City Times (Chicago). As a writer, he is known for sharing his personal experiences dealing with being a HIV positive gay man and for documenting his journey from addict to being in recovery. He has had several featured acting roles on t.v. shows such as; Modern Family, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, LA Hair, and Empire. As a male model, he has been featured in campaigns for Joe's Jeans, Quarter Homme, and Andrew Christian. He is single in his personal life, but has his Dimaggio. His greatest dream in life is to have a family and he will build that 'white picket fence' with his own two well manicured hands if he has to.

TV Show Creator Ryan Murphy To Donate 100% Of His Profits From "Pose" To LGBTQ Charities

Tv Show creator Ryan Murphy is gearing up for possibly his most important show yet.

Pose is Murhpy’s latest projects and takes place in New York City during the 1980s. The story follows the queer ballroom scene that became most famous from documentary film Paris is Burning.

Not only is this new series exciting from the historic and cultural perspective, but its also exciting in terms of representation. Pose will become the tv show with the most transgender actors of any shows in history, and it has a diverse behind-the-camera crew as well.

But it doesn’t even end there, because show creator Ryan Murphy has announced recently that he’ll be donating all of his profits from the show to trans and LGBTQ charities.

As Murphy posted on twitter, he’ll now share the name and mission of each charity that he’ll be donating to for the next two weeks.

And what are the first two charities that he’s talked about since that announcement?

First, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project will be a recipient of Ryan Murphy’s donations. This legal organization fights for the rights of LGBTQ, and specifically transgender, citizens. They offer legal help with name changes, IDs, immigration, and more.

Second, Murphy will be donating his proceeds to the Peter Cicchino Youth Project. This organization offers help and legal assistance to LGBTQ youth (mostly youth of color) in poverty or who are homeless.

These are just two of the fourteen organizations that will be bettered by these donations from Murphy. That said, it doesn’t have to end right there.

Consider donating yourselves to these wonderful organizations and causes. You can donate to the Peter Cicchino Youth Project here or donate as little as $5 to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project here.

Then, of course, make sure to check on Murphy’s twitter page regularly to see what other organizations he will be donating to and that you could be donating to.

'Historic' Appointing Of Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell


Things just got a little gayer in Washington, because newly-appointed U.S. ambassador to Germany, Republican Richard Grenell, is here, he's queer, and he's making history. Grenell is the first openly fabulous ambassador to be appointed under the Trump administration, and some are heralding his new position as an historic win for gay Republicans. According to NBC News, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory T. Angelo, had this to say:

He has now officially become the highest ranking openly gay official ever in a Republican administration. Despite the interminable delays of Democrats hell-bent on standing on the wrong side of history, today the United States Senate confirmed a gay nominee not ‘in spite of’ Republicans, or ‘with Republican support,’ but because of Republican support.

The move strategically helps to align Trump with the LGBTQ population he ostracized with his Trans military ban, and both Democrats and Republicans agree that Grenell's ambassadorship is an important step forward for gay people wishing to hold high-ranking positions in Washington.



But, and there's a big but, Grenell has a record of questionably anti-women tweets, previously slamming the likes of Hilary Clinton and Rachel Maddow for their looks and fashion sense. If you're looking for fashion, Grenell, you've picked the wrong career path. 

Still, LGBTQ advocated are holding out hope that Grenell will help to shed light on issues affecting the gay community. Is Grenell simply a chess piece in Trump's surprisingly strategic worldwide takeover, or are you excited to have him in the White House? Let us know.  



Are Dating Preferences Discriminatory?

Does Society Affect Our Attractions?

In February 2018, Vice released an article specifically addressing the subject of a Transgender dating demographic. One quote from the transgender woman and writer, Abigail Curlew, is:

“[she isn’t suggesting it’s] imperative to be attracted to trans women…[but] your attraction is shaped by preconceived notions and stereotypes.”

Curlew begs us, although seemingly only cisgendered heterosexual men, to “critically reflect on the factors that might shape your attractions.”

In the conclusion, Curlew understands that dating preferences are simply, well, preferences, and discourages people to view videos such as Riley J. Denniscontroversial vlog which stating everyone should essentially be…bisexual(?)…are harmful to the transgender community- which is true. Curlew’s article has been circulating across my social media for the last two months and continues to get a variety of comments, especially from the heterosexual community. Some of the heinous comments make me wonder if people are actually buying the Straight Pride pin off Amazon…but I digress.

I’ve definitely questioned myself after reading Curlew’s article. Is society truly affecting our attraction to other people? Within the media, I see countless interracial couples, various age gaps, and even dating within the transgender community, as seen recently with Laverne Cox showcasing her new boyfriend. Society has been progressing over the last decade and it still continues to move forward today. Just look at current commercials: What once was fully of busty blondes – essentially becoming the term All American – we now see more ethnically ambiguous persons advertising love and a happy home. We’re moving ahead as a society, and while we aren’t where we all want to be yet. Progression doesn’t happen overnight. With more positive influences in the media and society, I fully expect to witness an abundance of complete opposites dating. However, to say society is the reason we have dating preferences is a bit fickle.  

Personally speaking, I find myself arguably attracted to a wide variety of personalities and bodies. Typically, I have a type, and that is Older, but I’m known to be a little flexible. In the same breath, I know there is a huge dating scene – although much more closeted – for heterosexual men and the transgender women community. Everyone has a niche and will seek out what turns them on the most. There’s nothing wrong with that, but rejection takes the most control over an ego, which leads to ridiculous vlogs and blogs of people whining they are being discriminated against for dating preferences. Some people truly are cruel and rude, yes, but I’m failing to see the big issue with dating preferences.

I frequently joke through various articles about my desperation while being single, but I act almost as if I can’t get a man to turn his neck as I walk pass. That’s not true. I get hit on, plenty, yet I remain single by choice – as I want to genuinely be attracted to someone and not force feed myself some bogus relationship for the sake of comfort, loneliness, or sharing memories together on social media. I’ve been attracted to an endless amount of men who aren’t attracted to me. People merely have a type and don’t tend to sway far from it.

We could sit here all day and argue the hypocrisy in the dating game. I’ve encountered plenty of jocks­ – for the lack of a better term – who have turned me away for being too feminine. Yet, I see them in a crop top and booty shorts in the club while they’re on GHB with their arms around a local Drag Queen screaming “YAS!” I’ve ghosted on an older man once (or twice) and gave him a cold shoulder when he requested a reason. I never gave one, which he without reason alleged it was age difference– only to spot me on a date with a man his age a few weeks later.

I would also absolutely laugh in your face if you told me I had to be attracted to an 18-year-old College Student who had a crush on me. That’s never going to happen. Why is age the only justified reason for not being attracted to someone? I wouldn’t have anything in common with a teenager – especially be attracted to one – but if he is attracted to me, does that mean I must automatically give him a chance? NO!

In my opinion, we’ve got to stop putting pressure on someone for having a preference in dating and stop labeling it transphobic, femmephobic, racist, or the like. Are we all so narcissistic and vein that we must blame others for not finding us attractive? What ever happened to “there’s plenty of other fish in the sea?" Is that phrase long dead since we live in too politically correct society? It’s time to stop with the excuses. Wherever your from, whomever did you wrong, didn’t be who you wanted them to be- anything. It cannot be about other people anymore and how they’ve affected our mentality. It’s up to us to find love and consensual relationships. It’s time to stop trying to force them.

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers.  

Facebook Allows The Exchange Of Gay Sex For Rent!

Facebook Allows The Exchange Of Gay Sex For Rent!

Landlords Openly Demand Sex For Stay In Listings!

#InstinctAfterDark. It's likely you are someone who has rented a property before. You kindly pay your rent monthly in exchange for having a roof over your head. In any city nationwide, I'm certain we've all had positive and negative experiences with Landlords, fellow tenants, or living situations. Unfortunately for some, especially in the LGBTQ community, a lack of shelter can be a horrifying experience in our youth which shape our future. At a young age, in a world of homophobia, it is not uncommon for LGBTQ youth to be kicked out of their parent's homes and forced to fend for themselves. This terrifying experience can likely lead youth to becoming sex workers, believing they have nothing else to offer besides their bodies. As a Millennial, I've encountered numerous LGBTQ people in my life who have given up their bodies in exchange for something more. It's almost not shocking to me the same situations from my gay-puberty, so to speak, continue to this day.

According to Buzzfeed, gay sex for rent is still alive and well. The incredibly resourceful Buzzfeed Contributors have been investigating the world of gay sex in exchange for goods, which is a tale all too familiar with a majority of the LGBTQ community. In particular, Buzzfeed claims a Facebook group: Gay Houseboy’s and those who hire them, has an endless amount of posts requesting young men to have a place to stay in exchange for their bodies and housewife chores. 

Buzzfeed claims this to be their first investigation which will continue. They state stories of both horror and pleasure, exposing both sides of the spectrum. Some young men with no where to go have been infected with HIV, raped, and mentally broken. Others who are into the agreement claim they enjoy being a houseboy and seemingly, a sex slave, although it appears they've had to go through the rounds to find someone who they feel most comfortable with AKA more attracted too. 

Again, I'm not shocked this exchange is still going on. Are any of us? However, the horror stories being brought to light in mainstream media gives me hope future houseboy hopefuls will understand they are better than the title they want. It was not long ago I dreamed of being a Sugar Baby...until I actually believed in myself. I will be following Buzzfeed's investigation and you should be too. 

To check out the full article on gay sex in exchange for rent on Buzzfeed, head HERE

Should We Be Dating Our Coworkers?

Should We Be Dating Our Coworkers?

Does New Employment Increase Your Odds At Love?

#StupidCupid! We often give an eye roll discussing the topic of dating and relationships. However, it appears to be at the forefront of nearly every conversation I’m involved in – at least the Millennial generation, anyway. I find quite often my friends and I are scurrying trying to find a weekend date or our knight in shining armor. The easiest way to find the man of your life – or night – tends to be online dating. Yet, plenty of us still can land a date the old fashion way by meeting someone in person. But, after a recent conversation with a friend: Are some public places off limits for your future beau?

Is dating your coworkers healthy? Over the weekend, I was absolutely shocked when someone in my inner circle of friends told me he spent Friday night with his new, attractive coworker. I paused to think for a moment: Sure, we all had crushes on coworkers when we worked our High School jobs and fiddled with some closeted boy. I’m sure we’ve all lived. However, after maturing and entering an adult workplace, dare I say our careers – exactly where my friend is employed – my jaw hit the floor. Is it worth the risk of your job to have a fling with a coworker?

Oddly enough, the media, film, and television happen to embrace falling in love with a coworker. Hit television series such as The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men have shoved in our faces long lasting love or a great orgasm can be found during working hours. My friend spoke so casually: He’s a Hair Stylist and happened to sleep with another person recently hired as a Stylist. Meaning, they are both vying for clientele in the bustling city of West Hollywood. Yikes!

I’m completely against the idea of sleeping with a coworker…falling in love with one is even more bullocks. The last person I want to have a sexual relationship with is someone who I must interact with daily as a coworker and be on, essentially. I come to my office looking like hell on most days, I’m not here to sleep with anyone – and I have job stability – so what’s the freakin’ point? Also, there’s the whole…’don’t crap where you eat’ saying. Why would you want to risk your money – especially in the wake of the #MeToo Movement? I believe there are plenty of fish in the sea – so you shouldn’t be looking for love or sex while you’re on the clock.

Are you open to dating your coworkers?

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers.   

Bisexual Man Claims Dating Men Is Better Than Women!

Bisexual Man Claims Dating Men Is Easier!

Is This The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes?

#FIGHT! Let’s speak of dating horror stories for a moment: Upon my arrival in Los Angeles, I had the cutest, slinkiest shorts which made my rear look phenomenal…then, I get into my date’s car. Immediately, he groans: He’d made a reservation at a fancy restaurant where shorts on men weren’t acceptable. He made a fuss about canceling and we went to some hotel restaurant in lieu, but that’s really all on him for not mentioning anything. If you’re going to a 5-star restaurant; don’t let that be a surprise for a first date!

Now, imagine factoring all of these into heterosexual dating. I’m friends with arguably more women than men: I’ve seen my girlfriends get things handed to them – like, even a gift upon their arrival at a restaurant. They get a reward just for making attendance! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten flowers or anything upon simply showing up. Does this make heterosexual men more romantic – or are they trying to make up for something? Pressure by society? What is it?

Yes, it’s a ton of fun to go out on dates with various people you’ve met. It’s even more fun imagining your would-be relationship, but let’s be honest: Same-sex dating can be complete hell! There’s always the back-and-forth of who will pay, a comfortable with public display of affection, what activity to do, and apparently, even what to wear! While the straights can complain all they want, as can the LGBTQ community, I firmly believe gay people have it a little easier when it comes to dating. There isn’t necessarily a need to showboat or be dramatic. We save the drama for flash mob marriage proposals.

According to The Daily Mail, one 32-year-old male, bisexual New Yorker admits he prefers dating men over women, because it’s “easier and cheaper”. The unnamed man goes on to tell while he does enjoy his dates with men, he feels the need to work out and keep up his appearance more since the gay community is shallow. Also, he’s found himself more likely to be ghosted – you know, someone who disappears without a reason – by men. He likens to the men to not being able to commit to relationships for why he has yet to have something serious. Well…I’m sure a lot of us can agree!

Daily Mail’s article was inspired by the bisexual man’s daily diary which was released on The Cut. The unidentified man seems to be into men more than women in general, but definitely closeted to his coworkers and family. He seems highly motivated by sex, which seems to be much easier to get in the LGBTQ community. I think the man wants to get off more than he wants to fall in love, or even date.

Honestly, dating – even being a narcissistic, bisexual man – is complicated in general. Relationships equalizes all communities the same as nature. We’re all united by hookups, bad dates, flings, and long term relationships. There is no winning gender when it comes to dating. We’re all pretty much wandering around wet and googly eyed.

Do you believe dating men is easier than women?

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