Why Can’t Gay, Bi or Fluid Male Entertainers Come Out in Hollywood?

As someone who lives in New York City and is used to the endless gossip I hear about the celebrity world, it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to me that there are several entertainers who are either allegedly gay, bisexual or fluid and in the closet about it.

These are men who come from all walks of the business: movie legends, sports stars, music icons and so much more. I’ve heard stories about one in particular heading to popular restaurant early in the morning with their significant other where they dress totally incognito, eat, enjoy each other’s company and leave without anybody noticing (or so they think). There’s also a fairly popular one who has been rumored to be gay for most of his music career but hasn’t addressed any of that as of yet.

Yet, all of them stay in the closet (once again, allegedly). I am not one to ever, EVER out someone as it’s the wrong thing to do no matter what the situation is, however it’s very frustrating that gay, bi and fluid men in the entertainment industry still have to deal with this in 2018 given how accepting society has gotten over the past 20-30 years.

Hollywood and its counterparts can be a place that is difficult for anyone to succeed in, let alone people who identify as LGBTQ. It becomes extremely difficult for an openly gay man to find roles that aren’t gay as the public can find it hard to believe that they are playing a heterosexual. Yet straight men, like the late Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, are lauded for their portrayals of gay men (fictional or non-fictional) and sometimes win major awards for it.

There have been some notable exceptions, however. Neil Patrick Harris played a womanizing type on How I Met Your Mother for several years, and Matt Bomerscored a big role as a male stripper performing for women only in the film Magic Mike. There are also other performers who have broken through the sexuality stereotype like George Michael and Sam Smith to name a few, where people place their talent over the type of person they are sexually attracted to.

Is it career suicide for a man to come out in 2018? Does it meant that the roles they will audition for will become smaller and smaller because of their admission? Or maybe they have built up such a reputation as a Hollywood heartthrob that it would be a complete 180 for them if they were to ever be real about who they actually are.

The fortunate thing about the younger generations (IE millennials) is how much more accepting they are about sexuality compared to previous generations. Certain stars, like Noah Centineo, have openly spoken out about kissing their best male friend and the reception they receive from their fanbase is pretty positive afterwards. You also have shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race that has brought in such a young viewership that isn’t LGBTQ specific… it is all-encompassing. People seem to be more comfortable with who they are more than ever before, so what’s stopping these guys from being their authentic selves as society continues to normalize and love every type of person out there?

Why do you think gay, bi and fluid entertainers continue to stay in the closet all this time later? 

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Why it's Vital for Brands to Support the LGBTQ Community in 2018

It's hard to believe that 20 years ago (even 10 years ago) many brands/businesses/companies etc wouldn't support the LGBTQ community in any capacity. It was actually taboo to do so early on, and could've meant major problems should any of them have made even a tiny amount of effort to show that they were with us.

My have times changed. Thousands of businesses have done a complete 180 and supported us in ways that we could've never imagined all that time ago. It's progress that showcases just how hard our community has worked for decades, and is something to not be taken lightly especially in the times that we are living today.

Many brands out there are recognized as being National LGBT Chamber of Commerce certified. The NGLCC is an important not-for-profit organization that's mission is to expand the economic opportunities and advancements of the LGBTQ community, 

The certification comes from ones that are LGBT-owned, and the perks in having this sort of privilege is quite incredible. There's the ability to openly network with other companies, building relationships with larger corporation  and so much more. There are currently over 1,000 businesses certified across the United States.

One of which is Chicago-based Epic Popcorn, which is owned by Chicagoland CFO and Crain’s Chicago 2018 Notable LGBTQ Executive Bill Rossi. In addition to Epic Popcorn, Bill is a CFO for multiple businesses, and often speaks about his experiences in the LGBTQ community as a C-suite executive.

He spoke with me at Instinct about being the first popcorn company to be NGLCC certified and his opinion on why others should be as well. Take a look.

How does it feel to be the first NGLCC certified popcorn company out there? 

We are truly honored and excited to be the first and look forward to where we can go from here. I was actually quite surprised there weren’t others when we submitted but as of today we are still the 1st and only NGLCC Certified popcorn company in the U.S.

Did you have a mission for your brand to be LGBTQ-inclusive from the get go? 

It has always been part of who we are and what we stand for to be inclusive and was definitely part of the plan from the beginning.

Do you feel more brands out there should be doing the same (if they already aren't doing so)? 

Definitely others should work towards becoming NGLCC Certified and show the LGBT strength and numbers to the business community as well as the general public.

For more information on the NGLCC, click here.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Husky in the Gay World

I have and always will be a big dude. It’s something that I was growing up, something that I was happy to be during my 20’s, and something that I continue to be as I get older. While many gay men fret and worry about every single calorie that they consume and what it takes to work that off, I simply don’t. And I’m happy to do so.

Granted, this mindset hasn’t always been the easiest to maintain. When you live in a city like New York, you are surrounded by a bevy of incredibly gorgeous men chiseled to perfection. Even attending RuPaul’s DragCon last weekend, there were half naked dudes representing a ton of brands who all fit the same 'in shape' mold.

Great for them (I mean that), and I think it’s fantastic that certain brands continue to do what they do to sell their products (seriously no shade) but representation for men over a size 32 in the media is still frighteningly small. Furthermore, there is little to no promotional materials at any events across the world that cater to guys like me. It’s the same go-go dancer type body plastered on posters at every single gay bar out there. Doesn’t this get redundant after a while?

It pains me that being into a husky or chubby or big guy is still taboo in 2018. For many years, I have heard the saying “you’re really cute for a fat guy” and so on and so forth. Why not just … “you’re really cute?" Being fat is something that I know I am, but I don’t necessarily need that additional asterisk to go along with the "cute" comment. If I was a muscular gym goer, would you say “god, you changed my mind on ripped dudes. F**k yeah!” Chances are, this is a no, because our brains have been trained to enjoy the 'in shape' body for years now, and it’s frustrating that this is still the mentality today.

I’m not someone who goes around wearing my weight with a badge of honor or anything, nor do I encourage anyone to gain weight for the sake of doing so, but there’s a confidence that builds within yourself as you get older. Things you used to care about become minimal if not extinct and what really matters becomes front and center.

You’ll hopefully find those gems out there that are into you for YOU and not for what you look like, how much money you make, or your reputation within the gay community. Those gems can be either in the form of friendships, sexual partner, or a relationship, and we are lucky to have them if they come along.

Separately, being comfortable in one’s skin is important in our community, especially with all the visualizations out there. Too many of us are committing suicide, inflicting self-harm, or becoming depressed due to our own image, and that's very frustrating.

As cheesy as it sounds, the bottom line in all of this is to love who you are because at the end of the day you go home to you. Am I technically fat? Yes. Do I care what you think about it? No. I’m happy to embrace the kind of guy that I am and will continue to do so in this life that I’ve been given. My hope is that everyone else in this community does the same, no matter who you are. Cue the very special episode music now.

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Andy Cohen is Over 'Top and 'Bottom' Labels and Wants You to Know Why

It's fascinating that talking bobble head Andy Cohen is now speaking out on "top and bottom labels being outdated" when he has said that he's a top in numerous interviews over the past couple of years.

The Watch What Happens Live host discussed his all of a sudden type of views with Attitude Magazine, where the Bravo mainstay appears in their October issue.

"I’ve been thinking about the whole bottom/top thing. There’s a lot of bottom-shaming going on," he said. "It’s a question that I’ve been asked and I’ve answered over the years and I feel the question has become out of date, and the reason why is because what defines sex anyway?"

The 50-year-old goes on to talk about how his definition of sex was just about intimacy and how it can be "achieved in many different ways." 

"So, the connotation about being a top or a bottom, I think for the person/the spectator who from the outside, or who can just be looking to make a generalization, it insinuates ‘Who’s the man and who’s the woman?’ which obviously is outdated."

Do you think that the whole top and bottom thing should be left in the past?

Can Older and Younger Gay Men Forge a Friendship Without Physical Attraction?

When you go to your run-of-the-mill gay bar, chances are that you will see an assortment of men hanging out with one another, maybe making out or more, on any given night. The age range in each group tends to be within 5-10 years of each other, as you usually don’t see a 21-year-old hanging out with guys almost three times his age.

Judgment from other gay men usually does happen when that sort of thing becomes a visibility, where snarkiness ensues and the assumption is that the younger man in question is being paid to hang out with someone much older than him or that they are simply in a sexual situation. This usually isn’t the case (and if it is, it’s no one’s business but their own), but it does beg the question about if men from much different generations can forge a friendship without physical intimacy being involved.

It's not just the bar scene where this is seen and discussed. You will find these sorts of scenarios happening at popular gay eateries or at any major gay event across the country. Take for instance the younger guy being the only one in a group of men twice their age while they are out and about. What does the impressionable lad have in common with men who have had many years of experience on them (left open to interpretation) that can lead to him being simply friends with all of them without the thought of sex getting in the way? 

I asked this question to my friends on social media last week to get their perspective: "Can older and younger gay men forge a friendship without physical attraction?" The answer to that question primarily was a big ole “YES”, but others gave their two cents on why it isn't that simple.

Some wondered why I was even asking this, as they thought that I viewed our gay brethren as “simple”, but these are issues that are talked about in the gay community quite often. Take a look at what many of them said about this:

"Yes it is! Just set boundaries, always do things outside of the house. Don’t flirt."

"I’m going to say yes but most of the older generation seems to lump (at least the young 20s like me) into a group where they just expect either things to get sexual or you to be a flake to them. Although I’ve met some amazing older men that took a chance and are happy being friends now."

"Tough one. After sex you can become friends.”

"Yes, it's entirely possible. It's also possible for gay men to have friendships with men of all ages, add "benefits" to the friendship and still have a good friendship, whether the benefits are short-term or last for years."

"As a 40 year man who appreciates the value of intergenerational friendships, I’m always rather annoyed by the assumption that there MUST be a sexual component (or that if there is a sexual component, that it somehow fucks things up). There is immense value in the experience and wisdom of the generation above you, and I say that being the generation immediately following the missing generation of gay men who would have been my mentors and friends and sometimes even my sexual instructors, had AIDS not decimated them.  The generation below mine should at least be aware (if not grateful) that the generation above them even exists, whether they want to fuck them or not."

"Definitely possible, but some men are incapable of this."

"Most of my friends are in their mid to late 20s or in their early to mid 30s. The only one I have anything sexual going on with is my BF who is 29."

"It’s just perspective and healthy behaviors for relationships - millennials can sexualize and situation just as easily as any other generation. The question already has implicit bias."

What are your thoughts on this topic? Can gay men from much different age ranges find friendship without it leading to the bedroom?

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

FINALLY! Will & Grace Tease a 'Big Fat Gay Wedding' For The Upcoming Season

We will definitely drink to this: a "Big Fat Gay Wedding" on the upcoming season of the Will & Grace revival.

There's already so much information about season 2 of the hit NBC series that we are practically salivating at its return. For one, there are several guest stars slated to appear (some new, some returning). This includes David Schwimmer, Chelsea Handler, Adam Rippon, Matt Bomer and Minnie Driver just to name a few. Yay!

Now, the show's official Twitter account just teased that a gay wedding will happen in the upcoming season... which officially premieres October 4th on NBC.



The tagline in the hilarious video is "Being single is so last season," while Etta James' classic hit "At Last" plays in the background. All four of the cast members (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally) are all trying to catch the bouquet, so this leaves a lot of questions as to who will be walking down the aisle.

For one, we know that David Schwimmer will be a recurring character as Grace's love interest (and he won't be playing Ross, folks). In the season one finale, Karen sticks with Stan and ditches Malcolm (Alec Baldwin), Will remains painfully single and Jack returns from Ibiza with a guy named Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez). There is also the cliffhanger about Will's mother Marilyn (Blythe Danner) and Grace's father Martin (Robert Klein) getting married... but they aren't gay.

So there's a lot of balls up in the air over who will walk down the aisle and what will make this wedding big, fat and gay. Can't wait to see what happens when the show returns in one month!


'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Opens Up About His Past Suicide Attempt

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown got very real with his millions of followers on Thursday by revealing that he attempted suicide many years ago.

The 37-year-old shared his story on Instagram that was accompanied by a video of a performer singing the words "...Said I Made It... anybody been through the storm anybody been through the rain...” as it related to what he was talking about. 

"Today in 2006 I was sitting on my couch alone, attempting to commit suicide. In my mind life was over for me," Karamo revealed. "But I got mental health support & worked each day to believe again. And here I am happy & healthy. I made it and If you’re going through something you can make it too!" He also include the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at the bottom of the post (1-800-273-8255).

The comments section from that post was flooded with supportive comments for the charismatic television star. "I had no idea- thank you for sharing. You are amazing," and "i’m so glad you posted this, it’s so inspiring and you have opened so many eyes and helped others feel comfortable in their own skin , so thank you" were just two of the many left for him after he bravely shared the news.

He followed that initial post up with a video message later on in the day. “Hey friends… today in 2006 I did attempt to commit suicide,” he began. “You know, I was in a very dark place. I just felt like life could not get any better, everything that was happening to me was never going to change, and I tried to take my own life.”

He continued, “And if it wasn’t for my best friends Raymond and Tre calling the ambulance, getting me off the couch, I probably would not be here today.”

He went on to discuss the prevalence of mental health struggles going on in today's world. “I want you all to know that as you see me on Queer Eye helping people with their mental health… it’s because it’s important to me… because I know so many of us suffer from mental health issues and we just don’t know where to turn,” he said.

“Every day it seems darker and darker, but I want you to know that things do get better,” he shared. “If you get help and you do the work daily, your life can change. I’m living proof of that. And if you know someone in your life who’s going through it, reach out to them. You could be their support.”

If you or anyone you know if suffering, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255


Colton Haynes Shares Emotional Message From His Late Mother

Colton Haynes shared a funny yet emotional message that his late mother left for him on his Instagram Tuesday.

Dana Mitchell, Colton's mom, passed away in late March due to kidney complications. He first shared about her grim diagnosis only a month beforehand, where she was suffering from advanced cirrhosis of the liver & kidney failure and how her doctors recommended that they stay focused on her quality of life as opposed to the quantity.



He posted a photo of a message she left him months after her passing, that really read as something anyone would want to hear from their parent or a loved one.



"Colton you little shit...I will come back & haunt you if you don't follow through on your dreams. My love to my 4 beautiful children. Mom" it read. 

The Arrow actor finished the caption up with "My moms last written words. I got u mom. Are they ready? Haha...this town has never been ready for us Kansas folk...get ready."


Who are the 10 Most Influential Gay Porn Stars of the 2010 Decade?

The 2010 decade is almost over. Over the course of the past eight years, the gay porn industry has produced several iconic stars that have become quite influential for their work in and out of it. Question is… who has done the best at making a name for themselves and why?

We polled a ton of people this question: who is the most influential gay porn star of the 2010 decade? Influence can mean so many things: big personality on social media, mainstream attention, winning awards, looks… etc. Which men have been able to combine those things and become the force that they are today?

Take a look at our picks for the 10 most influential men in gay porn from the past decade.



On set of @mattshortfilm lets dewwwwww disssss

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Colby Jansen. What makes Colby such an influential star is that his kinks really know no limits. Sure, he does scenes that feature him with another dude (or dudes), but he also goes beyond that by entering himself into categories like bisexual, trans and so much more which really makes him such a versatile and award-winning performer.


Rocco Steele. The daddy of all daddies. For so many years, the norm in the gay porn industry veered towards the younger, muscular and hairless type. Rocco was one of the pivotal dudes to flip the switch on that by showcasing just how incredible men of a certain age can be on camera. This has led him to win a ton of awards for his work as well as creating a successful underwear line and launching one of the most followed OnlyFans account on the web today. Not too shabby.



Boomer Banks. Finding success out of the porn industry can be tough for many, but this New York City resident has proven he can do that and then some. He’s done some big (a pun that can easily be used on him indeed) things in the mainstream world like walking the runway for iconic designer Marco Marco and developing a close friendship with RPDR season 10 finalist Kameron Michaels (fashion line in the works soon?) He’s proof that you don’t need to be a one trick pony in life to become the star you deserve to be.



Sean Zevran. Shaved or not, Sean is one sexy dude. He started his career with Randy Blue before transitioning into multiple films with Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion. Along the way, he’s picked up Performer of the Year at the XBiz Awards and has become outspoken about many issues going on in the world today, most notably racism in and out of the adult industry.



3 years ago today

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Blake Mitchell. If Spiderman had a gay porn counterpart, Blake would be it. His influence primarily comes from being one of the most followed stars on Twitter and Instagram as well as his copious amounts of award-winning scenes with Helix Studios. His humor is also very bold and brash, like his hypothesis that SNL star Pete Davidson is packing. The latter later somewhat backed that up, so Blake may have been onto something (insert eggplant emoji).



Francois Sagat. He is considered by many to be somewhat of a “god” in the world of gay porn. The longevity that Francois has created for himself is truly remarkable, in that he entered the industry way back in the early 2000’s and is still very relevant to this day. He made his return to it recently, performing in scenes for Men.com (including a gay porn Justice League parody with RPDR legend Manila Luzon), and is still incredibly hot all this time later. Werk.  



#krisEvans #GayPornstar #Model

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Kris Evans. The walking Ken Doll. Kris is a superbly dreamy dude who happens to be one of Bel Ami’s biggest success stories over the past decade. He retired last year but made quite the impact as one of the most classically handsome dudes the industry has ever seen (according to many people).



A post shared by Dirk Caber (@dirkcaberxx) on


Dirk Caber. Dirk sort of rings true to what Rocco was described as earlier: a smoking hot daddy who plays that role to perfection. He has capitalized on that notion in many of his scenes, while also creating a versatility about himself that goes beyond sexual positioning. This includes his kink side, which can be seen at several different events like MAL (Mr. Atlantic Leather) and in certain scenes you can click on while perusing the internet. Woof.  



Sun in burning waiting for @chuchomartinx and then #timtales

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Tim Kruger. To go from being a simple star to running one of the most popular gay porn companies on the web is quite the accomplishment. Tim created TimTales many years ago, which he both performs and directs in. The website features tons of incredibly handsome men who perform quite well in an amateur type setting. All of his hard work has paid off, as Tim reportedly has a net worth of $14 million dollars. Not bad.  



Headed to San Diego.

A post shared by Brent Corrigan (@itsbrentcorrigan) on


Brent Corrigan. Quite possibly one of the most mainstream gay porn stars ever… so much so that a movie was made about him. Brent started his career in a very controversial way while with Cobra Video, but was able to get out of that situation and become a big star in the industry back in the early 2000’s. After taking a long hiatus from it, he returned recently to much fanfare and adoration. His interview with the web series Hey Qween earlier this year was one of their most popular, further proving that a little break can go a long way.

Who would you put on this list? Anyone on here that you disagree with?

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

The Life of a Title Holder in the Gay Community and All That Comes With

The world of title holders in the gay community is one you feel like would be documented on MTV’s True Life back in the early 2000’s. Sure, we have films and shows like Paris is Burning, The Queen and now POSE on F/X when it comes to getting a peek into what goes on in this sort of environment … but what about the other kinds that run the muck within our community?

The lunch room and tables within what a title holder can be continues to get bigger and bigger. “Category is,” can run aplenty for the amount of titles someone can have in a certain portion of this community. A variety of contests for people with fetishes like pup play and leather all the way to more traditional “societal pageant” norms do exist in this interesting cafeteria.

Is this something that will find a mainstream audience eventually, similar to what drag has, or will it remain a mystery that only the people who show up, attend and compete in them will ever know about.

In an Instinct exclusive, I spoke with New York City’s very own Ted Bishop Nieves, who currently holds not one, but two titles: Mr. Urban Bear 2018 and Mr. Fire Island Bear 2018. He spoke about the world of title holding, his journey into it, how friendly or shady everyone can truly be and his best advice to someone who wants to get involved.

How did you find yourself in this "title holding" world? Was it something that interested you for many years in the community?

It wasn’t something that I had sought out really.  My fiancé, Kory Harmon, is very close friends with a title holder, Mr. Eagle 2017, John-John.  I had never known or been around any previous title holders really, but through their relationship and their relationships with other title holders, I was able to see that these titles were a great deal more than just fetish pageants for leather and gear lovers.  There is awesome work involved and a certain responsibility to help our communities that these titles serve as a platform. 

As Mr. Eagle 2017, John-John brought a great deal of awareness and support for issues affecting some of the more marginalized members of our communities, such as trans people of color, and he also helped to shed light on those issues, spreading awareness and letting people know ways in which they could help.  I also witnessed how another friend, Dan Jimenez, used his title Mr. Fire Island Bear 2017, to do a lot more with it than any other person with that title had done before him. That had a lot to do with why I decided to compete.  I had just won the first Mr. Urban Bear 2018 title on a whim and had already wanted to do more with it.  When the opportunity presented itself and I was urged to compete for Mr. Fire Island Bear 2018, I couldn’t pass it up.  So, I ran with it and here I am.  A title whore with two titles for the year. LOL. Now the things that I will be able to do with these titles are ones that I’ve always wanted to do, but had a hard time figuring out how to go about starting.  Raising funds and working to shed light on charities and issues that mean a lot to me is probably the most important part of being a titleholder.  Same thing with being a role model.  These are very important things to me, so I hope that I am most successful on that part.

Does a lot of what goes on behind the scenes ring true to what drag pageants are?

I’d have to say that it’s different in that appearance isn’t as big a focus, per se.  You still have to deal with the selection of outfits and making sure that you meet all the criteria expected of you, but I haven’t quite reached that title level.  The most important thing, I feel, is to be yourself.  Be absolutely true to who you are at your core and I think that you can succeed as a title holder.  That is probably the biggest thing that drag pageants and the title holder world share in common.

You currently have two titles. What are they and when did you win them?

I am currently the first ever Mr. Urban Bear 2018 sponsored by Robert Valin and the Urban Bear team.  I won that title back on May 20th of this year at the Urban Bear Street Festival.  It was such a hoot.  Robert really put together an awesome party and it was just a purely fun event for me.
Then I won Mr. Fire Island Bear 2018 on June 9th during Shane Tate’s AMAZING Fire Island Bear Weekend event. That was also an incredibly fun weekend made all the more special by having won this title.

Were you shocked that you took the title for either... or both?

I was actually shocked that I took both titles.  Mr. Urban Bear I decided to do on a whim fueled by a few drinks lol.  I truly wasn’t expecting to win and the guys I competed with were so much fun as well.

Mr. Fire Island Bear I had not really had much intention of running for, but a friend urged me on and, again, after a few drinks, I decided to go for it.  This was a much different experience as there was an interview involved and I knew that it was a different level than what I was expecting.

 I know a lot of hateration goes on (hello, this is the gay community) when it comes to the winners and the ones who don't. How do you deal with it and not get sucked into all the bulls**t?

”Hateration”. There’s a word I haven’t heard in a while. lol. I have to tell you that I have not had that experience AT ALL.  I’m not going to lie and say that it doesn’t exist because we all know that it does.  I can share with you the experience of one of my fellow title holders.  My predecessor, Dan Jimenez, did an incredible photo shoot for Fire Island Bear Weekend with some really fun and campy photos.  Some of the responses on social media, however, seemed to take offense to the fact that Dan was not reflecting what they thought was the masculine ideal for a title holder and sent some pretty nasty messages. 

Dan decided to turn that negative into a positive and came up with a project called Title Holders and Tiaras, a calendar with a different title holder for each month breaking down the barriers between what we consider unhealthy masculine ideals and the reality of our every day.  I have the pleasure of being part of this project as Mr. November with my fiancé.  The calendar will be available for sale at A Man For Every Season event at the Eagle on August 17th and the proceeds will go to the Tyler Clementi Foundation which battles bullying and suicide. At the end of the day, I am very fortunate to say that my experience has been nothing but positive and supportive from the people in my circle and other title holders as well.

Do you plan on competing for any other titles this year?

Right now, I’m focused on working on a few fundraisers, beginning with one that I’m doing with the current reigning Mr. Eagle 2018, Joseph Macchia, called Colors, a Dance Party.  That will be taking place on September 20th at the Eagle NYC.  We’re raising funds for the True Colors Fund, who work to help homeless LGBTQ youth around the country.  Plus, I have my DJing which is keeping me busy with events in Sept with Antonio Cedeno (The Male Room 1 Year Anniversary at ReBar Chelsea), John-John (Purgatory Thursdays on Sept 27th at RockBar NYC) and Matty Bryan and Julio Rios (Soaked on Friday Sept. 21st also at RockBar NYC). After I’ve done at least one more fundraiser, I will consider what my options might be.

What would you say to someone who wants to get involved in this arena but is too shy to do so?

I would tell them to just do it.  You never know what you might be capable of if you keep yourself out of the spotlight.  Shine, be yourself and most of all, have FUN!