This Week's Instinct Insta Hottie is Singer and Actor Phillip Evelyn II

New York City's Phillip Evelyn II is sexy hunk of a dude with a heart just as big as that massive chest he's been sporting.

The Big Apple resident was another easy choice for Hottie of the Week, given his incredible aesthetics and interesting background.



Phillip describes himself as a man of many talents: singer, actor, poet and model. What's even better for a lucky suitor out there (or more) is that the 35-year-old is currently single. Perhaps that will shift gears after thousands of people will see this article (on top of the thousands who check out his Instagram every single day?)

Here are some fun facts about Phillip (that he shared with me himself):

I'm a huge homebody. 

Singing is when I feel the most joy.

Cheesecake is my favorite dessert.

A bag of Sour Patch kids is an essential movie snack. 

I listen to Chamber/Chorale music a lot.

Vocally, I was classically trained.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal. 

I love breakfast food ANYTIME of day.

I was raised in Georgia.

Half of my family is from Jamaica. 

I'm a romantic.



When asked what he has done for our community, Phillip had this to say:

"Community is only as strong as the sum of it's parts. Frankly, just being a black gay man within our community is a revolutionary act in and of itself."

"I am a walking intersectionality. While speaking truth to power within our community, I also make a conscious effort to uplift those voices within our community that often times remain stifled. A prime example in this case would be the voices of black trans women. I've pointed out before, as it goes without saying, that there are marginalized within the marginalized."

"I try and use what social media platform I have to shed light on the issues that plague our community within."



Want to know more about Phillip Evelyn II? Follow him on his Instagram here.

Michael Fassbender Earns the Title of Biggest 'Show-er' in Hollywood

Michael Fassbender may have lost both of his Oscar nominations, but there is one title he's just earned that could be seen as a fair tradeoff. 

Mr. Man recently compiled a list of the biggest "grow-er" and "show-ers" in Hollywood, where the Shame actor takes top prize for the latter. Hustle & Flow star Terrence Howard won for being the biggest grow-er. Congrats to both?

The website did this by watching over 8,000 naked movie scenes to compare and contrast which guys start small and could end big and who is a pure flop from the moment they are seen in the buff.

Eric Balfour, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law are on the lower end of the totem poll whereas Omar Epps, Liam Neeson and Ben Affleck scored high.

So congrats to Michael on ranking highest. It must be an incredible honor... for your package. See the list here.



Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week is NYC Nightlife Extraordinaire Julius LaCour

Julius LaCour was an easy choice for Instinct Magazine's Hottie of the Week as his sexiness and charisma go beyond just how unbelievably hot he is.

The New Orleans native has called New York City his new home for years, where he's excelled in the world of nightlife by being the general manager at Monster, one of the most iconic gay bars The Big Apple has ever seen.

Monster is also one of the few bars that have thrived in a town that keeps seeing legendary spaces like theirs close, so he must be doing something right. It remains a staple for anyone who wants to experience what a gay bar in NYC should feel like if you ever get the chance to visit here.

Julius' job as Monster's GM is one that he doesn't take lightly. "One of the biggest joys (and challenges) of my job is changing a stigma in the advertising of gay establishments and making it much more diverse to the community," he told me. "This would include persons of color, transgender, and of course men and women who’ve experienced a certain type of ageism in our community. The Monster has always been about diversity, and I want to extend that tradition in the years to come."

Outside of his job, the 33-year-old is happily married to his husband Aldo. They've been hitched since July of 2017 and are the epitome of cuteness (just look at the photo). 

Here are some other fun facts about our Hottie:

He's fluent in sign language. 

Loves hitting up the gym (like several other dudes in NYC).

Passions of his are art, design and football (Go Saints!)

Oh and he's super sexy, but we didn't need to tell you that. You can follow Julius on his Instagrambut many of those pics are of his clothing and products that can be found on Juliuslacour.com

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Rob Gronkowski Flashes Reporters in the Locker Room

For those who follow the NFL and are into that whole tall and muscular thing, Rob Gronkowski is your guy.

He's been one of the star players for the New England Patriots for several years, a team that is known for their chiseled and good looking dudes (New England Patriots - Hottest Team Ever?). When Danny Amendola was a member of the team (now playing for Miami Dolphins), he even did a sexy ad with Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon

Gronk (as he's nicknamed) was caught on film getting completely naked in the locker room just after his team beat the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

While another teammate was being interviewed by several reporters, Gronk heads to the showers, drops his towel, and he shows us what he's working with from head to toe for a brief second. On purpose?  Heck, we don't really care at this point.

OMG! Blog has your NSFW footage.


And if you want more pics, videos, and posts about Gronk, here's some links to previous coverage we did of the New England Patriot hottie.  Enjoy.

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Gronk acts out Erotic Fan Fiction

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Chris Pratt's Dad Bod is Back and We Are Here For It!

Chris Pratt's body is kind of like a box of chocolates: you never really know what you're going to get. Except in this case, every freaking chocolate in the box is just as delicious as the last. So in essence, it's a win-win folks.



For those of you who are Pratt connoisseurs, he started off his career on the thicker side with roles in Everwood and Parks & Recreation. His beefy figure drew a large audience of fans who are into that sort of body type (bears especially) and we couldn't get enough of his playful comedic presence mixed with sheer adorableness.



Then he got all A-list movie star with roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park which turned him into a muscular hunk du jour. No one was complaining (from what I know), as he managed to top himself (hehe) with just how handsome this specimen of a dude could be.

Daily Mail has photos of Chris enjoying a luxurious vacation on the beach in Mexico over the holiday, where it appears his luscious dad bad is back... yet there are still some hints of his muscular physique as well. His girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger must feel like a lucky gal.



So if Chris can find a great balance of jacked and beefy this year and beyond, we won't be complaining. 

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.


Ryan Phillippe Shows Off His Bulging Muscles and Tattoos at the Beach

Ryan Phillippe has been making our mouths drool for 20 years now, dating back to his super naughty role in the film Cruel Intentions opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar and ex-wife Reese Witherspoon.

Something he has done a remarkable job at over the years is keeping his muscular physique in tip top condition, which was clearly on display when he took a dip into the Miami ocean over the holiday weekend.




lil beach

A post shared by ryan (@ryanphillippe) on


The 44-year-old appeared to be taking an extended vacation from work when he was spotted heading out of the city's cool blue waters. He wore nothing but a pair of black board shorts while walking along the sandy beach.

His impressive array of tattoos were also on display, something he's shown off time and time again on his popular Instagram account. Consider this a nice present wedged between Christmas and New Year's Eve. 

Daily Mail has the shirtless Ryan photos for you to see here


#GaySanta is a Hashtag That's Making Instagram Even Thirstier

Gay men have come up with some pretty creative hashtags on Instagram when it comes to engaging their audiences for whatever reasons possible. 

For the holidays, one that keeps popping up happens to be #GaySanta or #gaysanta, where men of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes dress up in their own fun and sexy way.

This is one that is available for a limited time only of course, as Christmas happens tomorrow, but the photos that have been posted so far have been nothing short of smoking hot.

Here are some of them in anticipation of the big day.




Nothin' but naughty, but I still got the goods.

A post shared by Ryan Alexander Wampler (@ryan_wampler) on



















Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week is Manhattan Cutie Bobby Maddox

It can be hard to find a gem in a city like New York. Manhattanite Bobby Maddox is that and then some, all of which makes him an easy pick for Instinct Magazine's Hottie of the Week.

The Big Apple resident, who currently calls Hell's Kitchen is home but is originally from the South in North Carolina, is one of the most genuinely friendly people you'll ever meet. 

Don't let the muscular exterior and serious face fool you... there's a big ole sweetheart that is waiting to give you a massive hug when you see him (just don't be creepy). 

Let's not forget the body though... which is a delicious treat to gawk at before the holidays begin.

Here are some fun acts about our current Hottie:

Favorite TV show: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Favorite Movie: Incredibles 2

Favorite Snack: Berries and Greek Yogurt

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza

What He Does for the Gay Community: Spreads love, positivity and encouragement.

Dating? Yes.

Fun Fact? He can sing and does well at it!

Want to know more about Bobby? Follow his Instagram here.

Nyle DiMarco Leaves Little to the Imagination at the Beach

Nyle DiMarco might just be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to the smoldering hot photos he uploads every single week on his Instagram account.

The self-admitted sexually fluid model and deaf community advocate has been making many of us thirst for him ever since his first appearance on America’s Next Top Model a couple of years ago. He eventually won his season and then scored a victory on another major reality show… Dancing with the Stars. What’s next… RuPaul’s Drag Race (pit crew or him in drag both works.)?

Nyle’s latest upload on his Instagram is both sexy and informative, as he signs Malibu, California in a short video while wishing that summer was still here.

Oh, and he also shared an absurdly hot image of him wearing next to nothing where his v line is clearly on display.



summer, come backkkkk I signed, “Malibu, California.”

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

What a wonderful way to stay warm on a cold, frigid night.

Justin Timberlake's Wood Possibly Appeared on Stage

Justin Timberlake is currently on the road with his Man of the Woods tour... where the "wood" part of his show was clearly seen in a pair of black sweats he was wearing.

Someone snapped a photo of him on stage, where the imprint is pretty much impossible to miss. Kudos to whoever took this shot. Link here.

His former costar Patricia Clarkson has talked about the alleged size of his member in the past, where she admitted to him being "gifted below the waist". Based on that photo someone took at his concert, we would have to agree with that as well.