New Documentary "Hot to Trot" Dives Into The Same-Sex Ballroom Dancing Scene

A new documentary is taking a look into the world of same-sex ballroom dancing, and we couldn’t be more excited for it.

According to Vice News, the documentary Hot to Trot is just on the horizon.

Hot to Trot follows several dancing pairs through a four-year period as they compete in the world of ballroom dancing.

While same-sex pairs are not allowed in the mainstream sport, there are several smaller competitions that give them a chance to shine. These competitions include the April Follies and the Gay Games. Both of which are depicted in this documentary.

“We say at the end of the original trailer that it’s a film about living your passion, breaking boundaries, and personal power and political muscle,” said Director Gail Freedman to Vice News. “I wanted it to be something where by the end of the film you really cared about these people and that their struggles were recognizable to any of us.”

The film is set to premiere in New York City tonight and then in Los Angeles on September 14th. Afterwards, it'll move to Lafayette, San Francisco, and Pleasantville, New York. For more information about their showings, you can click here.

And while Hot to Trot won’t be hitting streaming platforms just yet, you can get excited for the movie by watching two trailers below.

In addition, you can click here to read the full interview with the film’s director.

h/t: VICE News

Sweaty and Out of Breath--These Gay Bears Are Living for the Art of Voguing

Nothing makes me feel heavier and bigger than going to the club. Whenever I’m there I realize how putting on some pounds over the last few years has essentially made me more lethargic and with an inability to move to my favorite songs. I use to slay on the dance floor! Now I just STAY at the bar—and watch from afar.

I live for the queens who can vogue or duck walk across the floor, but while I admire it, I don’t think I’d try because I’d just fall over. But then I witness some drag queens, who are possibly a little thicker and juicier than I am who have wigs on wigs on wigs and are padded and snatched for the GAWDS who struggle, but turn out a good voguing and dancing number. It makes me want to learn!

Like these guys—three bears who took a class on voguing and learned a thing or two about unleashing your inner fierceness through figure eights, voguing, cat walks, and duck walks. They broke a sweat, to say the least, I am sore just watching them.

Watch these beefy boys bring it to the runway in this video. Category is: Bear Ballroom!