This Video Lists Sexual Desires/Fetishes From A To Z

Have you ever wondered how many sexual fetishes there are out there? Have you ever thought about what the name is for that one thing you like to do while in (or out of) bed?

Well, now it looks like you can finally look up that information.

Phile Magazine is all about celebrating the many different fetishes and sexual desires that people from all walks of life have.

In order to not only get the word out about the new sex-positive magazine, and also share some much needed information about many sexual desires people have, Phile Magazine decided to make the following Encyclophilia video.

The “Encyclophilia Vol. 1” video depicts sexual desires and fetishes alphabetically from agalmatophilia to zentai.

Plus, the “Vol. 1” part of the title makes us think there will be following videos in the future. We look forward to it.

Sadly, the video contains some nudity, so we couldn't post it on IM. But, you can check out “Encyclophilia Vol. 1” here (Warning: Site Not Safe For Work).