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Study Suggests Gay Men Are Attracted To Men With One Trait!

Study Suggests Gay Men Are Attracted To Men With One Trait!

It’s A Characteristic Shared With Their Fathers!

“What do you like most in a guy?”

Is that’s a phrase we usually say to someone after meeting or chatting on various dating websites? I’ll admit, I was the number one offender for using the ‘what do you like?’ thinking that it would benefit me in some way. Unfortunately, it never has! I guess what someone likes most in a guy must obviously be me, or else he wouldn’t be talking to me, right?! Well, I still fall short and find myself attracted to something special about a guy.

What’s your poison? For me, I’d have to say a rompin’ rear or a big, commanding nose. They’re a sure fire way to garner my immediate attention.

But, is there actually a science behind what we, as LGBTQ men and women, are attracted too?

According to the Positive Sexual Imprinting for Human Eye Color, a study conducted at the University of Glasgow in Sweden, suggests gay men are twice as likely to fall in love with someone that has the same eye color as their father and lesbians are likely to fall in love with someone who has the same eye color as their mother:

“Our data give clearest support to the positive sexual imprinting hypothesis, where we found that partner’s eye color was predicted by maternal eye color for people with female partners and by paternal eye color for people with male partners.”

The study dives into sexual attraction with the “Sexual Imprinting” theory that we are subliminally attracted to people whose bodies remind us of our parents.

According to the study, only more than 300 men and women were surveyed. I’d love to see this study done at a larger scale- hopefully that’s the next step! This is certainly interesting, but seriously weird!

Also, what about those of us who don’t have fathers?! I can’t be the only gay guy reading this to be raised by a single mom. Am I destined to never fall in love – or with someone who doesn’t have eyes!?

This article originally appeared on Queerty.