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Is Society Prepared For Transgender Rappers?

Is Society Prepared For Transgender Rappers?

Miss Pvssy Makes Jaws Drop & Pvssy Pop!

WHO DO SLAY?! Okay, I am so excited to make you even more familiar with powerhouse, Transgender Rapper, Miss Pvssy. I first schooled you in the uprising Transgender Hip-Hop era by introducing Pvssy back in December 2017. Long gone are the days when women are seen in the background of music videos being, well, hoes. We’ve progressed as a society and now have females headlining in the formerly male dominated Hip-Hop and Rap genre of music. I was barely old enough to witness strong women become icons within the music industry; led by trailblazer, Lil’ Kim, and soon followed by ruthless ladies like Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Recently, I’ve encountered a handful of Transgender artists giving their best attempt at trying to make their thumbprint in what is arguably the toughest industry to succeed: Music. With the release of her first ever music video, it’s safe to say Pvssy is the glimmer of hope the industry has been counting on.

The prologue sets the audience up for a tale of living life on Chicago’s coarse southside: A glimpse into Pvssy’s mind. Shamelessly, Pvssy describes violence, parties, and southside’s famous food. The video itself vibrates off whichever device you’re watching on as we’re transported into someone else’s mind as they’re on an acid trip! The explosive art features malt liquors - branded “Pussy Pop” - an anything but casual stroll through a convenience store, and one hell of a beauty salon where the customers run the show: Do not take those girl’s appointments! You cannot watch this and tell me you don’t wish you were a part of it. From lyrics, to voice, to visual: Pvssy nails every aspect and showcases to her audience they, too, can be their baddest and most confident selves…as long as they know who the queen is. Before this vision ends, Pvssy crowns herself the Queen of Transgender Rap.

We’re all aware some sell their souls to get into the music industry. It’s almost as if you can’t shape yourself, you have to be born into the life of having the luxury of determination, lyrics, marketability, and above all – talent. We’ve seen an endless amount of reality television stars fail in just one of these areas and they are now performing at their hometown’s country fair- to pay off last month’s rent check. It takes someone incredibly special and I don’t believe society has been introduced to that person yet. Until now. Pvssy is the first I’ve discovered to hold each special trait in order to be deemed the Queen of Transgender Rap and I am eagerly awaiting the next steps in her blossoming career.

Since we’re on the topic: Is the music industry truly ready for a badass, Transgender female to take over Hip-Hop and Rap? I’m talking about one who won't become a viral sensation for a quick buck or some joke. A real life – standing next to some household names – Transgender performer. It’s 2018, we’ve had Transgender actors and actresses, athletes, and the like – is now the time we have a Transgender Rapper? I think we deserve one – and by God, I-I think we’ve found her!

Make sure you check out Pvssy's first music video below: