See Frontal Male Particles In Netflix's 'Altered Carbon'!

Fans of men out there or simply fans of everything that's right, light, bright, and tight in the world might have caught wind of a certain new Netflix series, Altered Carbon, that doesn't shy away from showing off a certain part ot the male anatomy! The hit new series is Netflix's latest entry into the crowded man meat marketplace, and it's definitely streaming platform's most dudity-focused show since Sense8 Inches. I mean Sense8. Inches. Altered Carbon is based on the book of the same name, and stars a stacked or the freaking Gawds Joel Kinnaman. Here's Carbon's blurb in case you care about the plot of your porn:

Set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored, a prisoner returns to life in a new body and must solve a mind-bending murder to win his freedom.

TL;DR. The new body in question does indeed belong to Joel Kinnaman, who briefly flashes his molecules and gives multiple amazing looks at his truly breathtaking backside throughout the ten episodes! Before Carbon, Kinnaman was best known for his appearances in The Killing and House of Cards, but the boy is looking all kinds of beeftastic for his new role and it is do. ing. it. for. meh! 

But Kinnaman doesn't brave this crazy sci-fi- world naked alone, and is joined by James Purefoy, who's a pure joy to watch as he sashays across the room with his swinging member in plain sight! Edward Dalmas also bares his undercarriage during a well-lit pantsless appearance, and basically, if you have Netflix and aren't watching Altered Carbon, are you even human? Wow now we're asking the right questions. Now we have a dialogue. As always, this is a family website, so you'll need to hit the link below to see all the goodies! 

Head HERE (site NSFW) for the nude scenes




Yeah, I just love  me some dudity, Nick.

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