Pics Of Trixie Mattel's Impressive "Moving Parts" Are Here!

Is 2018 the year of D*cksie Mattel? During the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3 premiere, drag legend-in-the-making Trixie Mattel let her Moving Parts hang out while getting sassy and steamy in the work room! While we've heard rumors as to the size of Trixie's, real name Brian Firkus', boy bits, this is the best evidence we've seen so far, and it looks as though tucking might be a full-time job for the quadruple threat. The last of the four threats of course being "professional butthole destroyer."

Trixie shot to drag infamy after getting the boot twice on the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race thanks to a bittersweet mid-season comeback, but her professional relationship with Drag Goddess Katya led to YouTube superstardom with the hilarious UNHhhh and more recently a hit television series on Viceland. Throw in the most successful Drag-country crossover album in history, and Trixie is seriously on top of her game. 

But that is that, and d*cks is d*cks. If you're like me, you were already fairly moist with anticipation during the All Stars Season 3 premiere episode, so this completely unexpected look at a bulging Trixie kinda of turned things into a FEMA-worthy flood situation in my bloomers, and it can for you too! Check out the pics below and let us know if you want Trixie to put some honeyyyyyyy in your hole! I mean bowl. I mean hole.


H/T: Mr. Man