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Peachy! See All The Hottest 'Call Me By Your Name' Scenes


Call Me By Your Name is a transformative gay movie that took the world by storm this awards season, and is as known for openly gay director Luca Guadagnino's inventively erotic scenes as much as it is for the lead characters' undeniable chemistry. Today we can see both of these in play thanks to full clips of the movie's hottest moments!

While I may have my opinions about straight actors playing gay roles, I also have opinions about the fact that, thanks to CMBYN, I get flustered every time I walk down the produce isle and eye a peach. I can't even think of the state of Georgia. Whether I was being hyper critical in my article or am being hypocritical now, the one thing I know is that I'm currently thirsty on a Saturday, so here we go! 



In the flick - now available to stream for $4.99 on Google Play and YouTube - Chalamet plays Elio - a seventeen-year-old comfortable with spending his summers languidly lounging around his parents' stunning Italian villa. When grad student Oliver, played by Hammer, joins the family to conduct research with Elio's professor father, Elio gets a case of the panty sprinkles. Once the two realize the attraction is mutual, they become swept away in their own passion and hotness, and what we great is the greatest love story of all time played by two straight men.

Both Chalamet and Hammer strip nude in these clips, but nudity isn't really the name of the game for Call Me By Your Name - a fact that's only a testament to the power of Guadagnino's creativity. Chalamet and Hammer light up the screen with every touch and every glance, and again, they get very creative with a certain fruit. These clips are NSFWerk, so you'll need to hit the link below to check them out. 

Head HERE (site NSFW) to see the full HD scenes