New Buzzfeed Video Looks Into The "Love Letters" Between Alexander Hamilton And John Laurens

Was one of our founding fathers sending love letters to his best friend?

Yesterday, we talked to you about New England teachers who started a program to teach K-12 students about LGBTQ history, and a man who’s podcast is interviews with notable LGBTQ people such as Sylvia Rivera (who was at Stonewall), Marsha P. Johnson, and more.

It seems this research into LGBTQ history is a growing trend as major media platform BuzzFeed is also doing some digging (though, in a less academic way).

Researching biographies (including the one that inspired the hit Broadway musical) and historical letters, Buzzfeed’s Niki and Jen talked about the possibility of founding father Alexander Hamilton being gay.

Specifically, the duo talked about whether or not Hamilton was in love with, or at the very least had an adolescent crush on, his friend John Laurens.

While historians and academics argue over the degree of which Hamilton was interested in his good friend, Buzzfeed made a quirky video to fill us laymen in on the whole situation.

You can check out the video down below.