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Men's Fashion Brand Suitsupply Promotes Gay Love In New Clothing Campaign

Men’s fashion brand Suitsupply is supporting same-sex love with its new Spring/Summer line.

Suitsupply, which is a global brand founded in 2000 by Amsterdam resident Fokke de Jong, has revealed its Spring/Summer 2018 line. The collection includes linen cotton blended suits, checked jackets, lightweight bombers, and soft colors to better reflect the warmer seasons.

But what you’re all here for isn’t just the clothing, but the campaign that’s marketing them. That’s right, with the new clothes comes a new campaign that celebrates gay love.

The photographs and video (seen below) featuring the many tailored suits also feature several men in intimate poses to express that gay male love is just as normal, and fashionable, as any other.

“The attraction between people is an important part of fashion advertising,” said Jong. “A campaign featuring the attraction between men was long overdue and particularly relevant for our brand.”

That said, the brand’s founder admits that this campaign will probably affect some of his business. With a global outreach that extends across 100 stores in 22 countries, there is bound to be some “negative impact” as Jong puts it.

That said, he’s moving forward with the clothes and the campaign as the photos will be displayed not only on their website, but also in several of Suitsupply’s stores.