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Marc Malkin Shared That He's HIV Positive and That Visibility Matters

Former E! News correspondent Marc Malkin, who married his husband Fabian Quezada four years ago, recently completed his first AIDS/LifeCycle bike ride that stretches from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The 7-day, 545-mile cycling event is held annually and raises millions of dollars to raise awareness to end the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, to fund vital HIV/AIDS medical care, testing, and prevention services, and to grow a community of activists toward the fight to end AIDS. This year the cause raised a record-breaking $16.6 million!

Malkin took to the road in colorful and glittery fashion like many of the riders.



I am ready to start my first @aidslifecycle. We dropped off our bikes today. We’ll see them next weekend in San Francisco. Thank you to all my donors. Thank you for helping us support HIV/AIDS services at the @lalgbtcenter and the @sfaidsfound. The fight is not over. .

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Day 1. Ready, set and ...... bubble

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Although the ride was a difficult physical feat for Malkin and all who participated, for Malkin and his husband the ride had a very personal purpose. In a very candid and inspiring post on Instagram, Malkin shared that he is living with HIV. With a photo of his husband Fabian Quezada-Malkin running alongside him as he rides, Malkin shared the struggles he lived with during much of his thirties, including battling the monster that is crystal meth.

He shared that he was inspired by his husband’s recent coming out as HIV positive and his friend Karl Schmid as well.

Here’s the full post:

I am back home. Back home after riding my first @aidslifecycle.

The ride has left me with many things, but probably the biggest gift I have received is the inspiration to live my truth.
On this beautiful day of LGBTQ pride, I have something to say for the first time in such a public forum.
I am HIV-positive.
In short, I lived much of my thirties in confusion, depression and a search to find myself. I partied too much. I struggled with crystal meth. I was diagnosed with HIV about nine years ago.
Today, I am sober and living with HIV. @haircoloristfabian came out as HIV-positive recently on Facebook. My dear friend @karljschmid did the same on Instagram. These two amazing men sparked the inspiration to come out about my status. AIDS/LifeCycle convinced me it was time.
Visibility matters. Just ask the men on the ride who told Fabian that his story inspired them to ride.
So, here I am celebrating LGBTQ pride and honoring my Uncle David and my Uncle Arthur by standing up and saying, “I am HIV-positive.”

Malkin’s narrative is beautiful and courageous and proves that visibility matters.






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