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I GOT MY FACE TATTOOED - Kyle Krieger Shares Why He Chose To Get Inked There.


Face tattoos. Hot?  Trashy?  Just for Gangsters?  Well apparently, not any more.  Yes, we've had some celebrities go the route of getting ink on their faces:

Zayn Malik Reveals New Face Tattoo

Justin Bieber Gets A Face Tattoo

- but should us average joes get face tattoos?

Kyle Krieger, no virgin to youtube, shared why he decided to get something "semi-permanent" needled onto his face in one of his most recent posts - I GOT MY FACE TATTOOED.  I'm going to start this around 4:54 since the first part is all commercials for this and that product, but why he is getting a face tattoo might be something some of us should consider.

They do say that the eyes are what you should take care of and frame for good eye care and eye region care is the biggest thing you can do to keep you looking younger.

Would you get this done?

Is this too much vanity?

Do you get your brows done, managed, waxed, or are you already tattooing?



Sorry... but Brooke did it best many many years ago.....and this is not a good look for today. 

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