Gay Dating App Manly In Trouble For Its "Red-Hot Perfect Body" Editor

Gay dating app Manly’s being criticized for its editing feature.

The British dating app Manly recently released a new add-on feature for users to play with, but its causing all kinds of problems.

The feature, costing £4.99, offers users the chance to completely change themselves in their pictures.

With the add-on feature, users can add facial hair to their pictures, add fake tattoos, exaggerate muscles, and more.

You can see plenty of problems with this app.

Not only is Manly promoting unhealthy, and now completely unrealistic, ideas of “the perfect male body,” but its encouraging users to participate in that lie.

On top of that, this adds all kinds of problems in terms of dating and hooking up. People already get put off when you look different than you do in your profile picture, and now you can change it so you look like a totally different person? Who else sees the problem in this? The producers of MTV’s Catfish must be salivating.

But, it looks like the marketing team at Manly doesn’t care about all this as its social media pages keep promoting the software as “the red-hot perfect body editing.”

Lukcily, some people have pointed out just how wrong this whole thing is.