Darren Criss Delivers Most Revealing Scene Yet On ACS!


Last night's Oscars were obviously a total sham, because for some reason a special last-minute category wasn't created to celebrate Darren Criss' truly breathtaking booty on the most recent episode of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace! Sure, it's a television show and sure this fake category doesn't make any sense in any capacity, but Hollywood is all about shaking up the status quo, and right now I see something shaking that needs a damn trophy. Dat ass.  


ACS: Versace follows the life of gay serial killer Andrew Cunanan, played by Criss, and on the episode titled Descent, we get a glimpse into what was life before Cunanan murdered at least five people, including fashion legend Versace. The pathologically sexy Cunanan spun a web of lies that allowed him to be the kept boy of a an older millionaire gentleman, and while lounging around his daddy's mansion, Criss decides to go for a completely nude dip in the pool with his perfect rump on full display!

Ryan Murphy, the next drink's on me, 'cause mama owes you big time. Criss went nude in the first episode of the season, but this new scene is superiorly lit, and there's something about Criss going skinny dipping that is really doing it for me. And as always, if you think I'm a thirst bucket who shouldn't be focusing on the sexiness of a series that's basically Ryan Murphy's Andrew Cunanan fan fiction, please make yourself heard in the comments. We can change things together. And for the rest of you, hit the link below to see the NSFW goodness!

Head here (Site NSFW) for the scene