Australian Politician Proposes To Partner Amid Same-Sex Marriage Debate In Parliament

This is incredibly sweet!

Australian MP Tim Wilson was overcome with emotion when he proposed to his longtime partner Ryan Bolger during a parliamentary debate over same-sex marriage.

Said Wilson:

“The person I have to thank most is my partner Ryan. You’ve had to tolerate more than most because you’ve had to put up with me.

"This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship. We both know this isn't the reason we got involved in poilitics."

He continued:

"But in my first speech I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands, that they are the answer to the questions we cannot ask. So there’s only one thing left to do.

"Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me?”

Mr Bolger beamed with a smile, and mouthed the word "yes," before the chamber broke into applause.

Watch the sweet moment: