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Austrailan Man Defaces George Michael Mural - Says He's Protecting His Religion

A mural of one of our iconic performers has been defaced and destroyed by a religion spewing vandal. The George Michael mural was in Sydney, Australia.  Apparently the YES vote in favor of same-sex marriage made the man forget that destruction of property was illegal.

The defacing of the mural was definitely premeditated since the man arrived with  a bucket of black paint, tins, roller, pole, and a painting suit.

Of course people just sat there and video tapped the man destroying property, meanwhile, I probably would have found a new home for his paint pole, someplace dark.

Shouts from onlookers were mainly in the negative, but we could not make them all out.  The vandal and religious criminal seemed to like some of the comments yelled his way.

The image of George Michael had him wearing religious robes, glowing halo ( that apparently only Jesus can wear)  and smoking a marijuana joint, was "sacrilegious".




"It's not right that people can paint whatever they want and incite religious hatred."

Apparently other murals around Australis have been defaced since the nation's historic vote supporting same-sex marriage.

Another piece of art featuring the former Prime Minister Toby Abbot and Cardinal George Pell on the side of a hotel was attacked with black paint by a man who said it was "hate speech."

They are believed to have been encouraged by a campaign group called Christian Lives Matter who posted on Facebook that such images are "offensive, discriminatory and pornographic."