American Tennis Player Tennys Sandgren Gets Called Out for Being an Alleged Homophobe

American tennis player Tennys Sandgren, who tried to "whitesplain" how America isn't racist to fellow player James Blake back in 2016 with the explanation "I just don't know how a country that practices systematic racism elected a black pres, twice," is now in hot water again due to some alleged old tweets he posted that showcases some major alleged homophobia.

A Twitter user dug up a string of tweets of his from 2012, where he "accidentally" found himself in a gay club.  The hashtag?  #nooneshouldseethat.

As if homophobia wasn't enough for him, he then added transphobia to his list of bigotry, when someone responded saying "'stumbled ya ok Gia #whathappensdownunder"... and he replied with "what can I say the trannies were calling to me."



He was also called out today for other actions on his social media, where he has actually debated #pizzagate and retweeted teen white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes, who last year went to the Charlottesville rally to march alongside Nazis and Klansmen.