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Adam Rippon Bares All!


Adam Rippon Bares All!

Crushes, Charities, & Ellen Degeneres!

SWOON! Lately, like the rest of gay-America, I’ve been googly-eyed over the cutest Olympian in 2018. Yes, he is none other than fresh faced, bubble butt, Figure Skater, Adam Rippon. Seriously, can someone please send me a video to all of the closeups on his rear or just like, in general regular GIFs of that bodacious body? I’m thirsty, desperate, and spend most of my time working and socializing. Please pass along any signs of male life, thanks! Moving forward: We’ve been obsessing over Rippon’s success in the Olympics and let’s be honest, we’re all nosey about his personal life. Gus Kenworthy has made it quite clear he has a boyfriend and blah, blah, blah – so Rippon has been one of the single treasures we’ve gotten to fawn over. We did just freak out over Sally Field trying to convince her son to date Rippon…so yeah, we’re all going to be following him for quite some time. Turns out, we don’t have to wait too much longer for him to get in the spotlight: Rippon made his first appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday! Yay!

Rippon sat down with ultra-lesbian, ultra-amazing, ultra-EVERYTHING, Ellen Degeneres, and of course, sparks began to fly at the mere fan-girl in me seeing two incredible, LGBTQ figures sitting next to one another. Rippon proves that he is every bit of a force to be reckoned with as he chats. As Degeneres always is, she focuses the conversation on world topics – that are important – such as Rippon ignoring a call from Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, (Bravo!) and he is targeting a GLAAD fundraiser to donate $150K for their Youth Ambassador Campaign. Degeneres surely donates an extra $10K to pass along to his charitable cause.

Check out Rippon’s darling interview below:



All of that is great! But, come on, where’s the juice?! We’re gay – give us the gossip we want! Surprisingly, Degeneres gets Rippon to gush about his celebrity crushes. YES! This is what I came for! As important as everything else is, girl, talk about your love life! Someone let me interview him: I’ll get all the tea! Rippon low-key tells me that I don’t have any chance, he really isn’t into feminine twinks, so it looks like we’re in a competition now, SIS. But, he discusses he used to have a crush on Harry Styles, but now is all about Shawn Mendes and will have a forever crush on Brokeback Mountain actor, Jake Gyllenhaal – who is not married which is super suspect! I could totally see the both of them having a relationship on the down low.

Check out Rippon’s favorite crushes below: