The physically perfect actor cheekily talked about his revealing new scene with Sally Field and Rami Malek.
RuPaul and a Drag Race alum will appear in an episode of 'The Simpsons'
They're selling out FAST, though...
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The irony here is that these are called HETEROnyms.
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Some showing Pride for #NationalComingOutDay, some showing cake, and others just plain hot.
Or as its referred to online... the 'Hamm-aconda.'
Producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey Share the 5-year Journey from Concept to TV
“A nice Jewish boy!”
This is fine so long as that next album is great. (Should we be worried?)
More, more, more (donuts).
"Being a black disabled gay man in the South I had my own fears..."
There may have been an awkward pause...
"I Know I'm Gay, But Can I Take You Straight to Homecoming?"
She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-and-Cannot-Be-Tamed is Giving Us LIFE!
Safe to say that The Berkshires will never be the same again.
Not only are these pecs inspirational, but the quotes these men use are so worth the read.
"When this cute mamma’s boy turns up people realized that there can be killers among us, and they can be good looking.”
With less subscribers & views by the day, is Oakley still popular?
We have some questions for the Shirtless Violinist. Don't leave us hanging!
Thanks J. Lo and Lil Kim!
"We need to tell the world that we are alive and refuse to be cowed down.”
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The Staggering Number Of Selfie-Deaths Isn’t Laughable!
"To have a Miss Atlanta Pride Pageant... is going to add to the cache of what Atlanta Pride is."
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“Well done bro!"
I'm not crying--you're crying!