Do you think this year's theme is sexy, or a little bit cheesy?
His role as Lee Israel’s gay best friend has him in the running.
It's been rebooted, but is it time for it to get the boot?
Her ‘Pretty Mess Tour’ heats up the east coast starting next week.
We've rounded up other key songs from the peak of the AIDS crisis, too.
"If you can give straight viewers sloppy romances, you can give us a few too."
Have you seen what the hype is about yet?
"In performance, we were, like, ‘That’s your lover.’ So in my mind, it isn’t cut.”
Would this have surprised you?
The video features Troye Sivan, Kris Jenner, Aaron Samuels and multiple shout-outs to Pete Davidson's endowment.
In 2018, splashy period pieces are finally allowed to feature gay characters and gay sex, it appears.
'Magic Mike' is back.
She accidentally meets his daughter on the show’s latest episode.
Wedding bells on the caravan, PRIDE in India, Testing for HIV and Testicular Cancer never looked so good.
singing Hold Me, Afterglow, Walking In Memphis, Dead Without Dancing, & This Beautiful Life
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The LGBTQ Community Celebrates The Honorary Politician
Number one won by a landslide.
"If we're making a change, it feels really good"
New web series from Ellen Degeneres helps folks be 'Fearless'
Hottie Jake Borelli says "I assumed he was straight"
"We're not watering anything down"
"I think we’ve had some representation, but it’s minimum."
Evacuated from the California fires, Sheila E. still had time for us to talk career, family, and church/LGBT relations.
Carol of the Bells darling... and that's not a drag queen name.
Someone has to teach The Nutcracker, right?
"Who cares if I'm gay?"
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And if not, why do gay asylum seekers have to?
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