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A British Boxing Gym Started A New Gay-Friendly Marketing Campaign

A London boxing studio is trying to get more gay male clientele.

Kobox is a London boxing studio that prides itself on the mantra, “Fight club meets nightclub.” In order to express that mentality, the gym has started a new marketing campaign that’s also reaching out to LGBTQ people.

The new campaign titled, “Proud” is hoping to break down stereotypes about boxing such as the connection to hyper aggressiveness.

The video for the campaign, which was made with the help of Attitude Magazine, expressed this by having a man working out alone in an empty studio. As he punches away at the bag, words like, “weird,” “different,” and “queen” appear on the wall by him.

Then, the scene shifts into a more welcoming and inviting studio. The man is no longer alone as he is now joined by several gym goers who all enjoy their workout while listening to upbeat club music.

As much as the gym’s campaign focuses on men, and specifically gay men, Metro reports that the real numbers show otherwise.

It seems that Kobox’s clientele is made up of 70% women, so perhaps the gym is trying to beef up its male pool as well as its LGBTQ following. No matter the motive, the purpose of making the gym experience more welcoming is appreciated.

“The lack of gay men participating in boxing, and boxing-related fitness, has needed to be addressed for some time now, and we felt this was a profound way to deliver a clear message to everyone within the sport,’ says Kris Pace, Kobox’s brand director.

He continued:

“We spoke to a lot of our gay friends and relatives about starting a campaign, as well as Attitude magazine, and together we decided to make a stand for the community through Kobox.”

“No one should feel intimidated coming to a boxing class at Kobox, or any other gym for that matter. Any perception that gay men aren’t welcome at a boxing club is outrageous.”

“We welcome anyone through our doors, from any walk of life, and the LGBT community is, without question, absolutely a part of that.”

h/t: Metro



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